July 21, 2010

Two new blogs on crossdreaming and crossdressing

I would like to draw your attention to two new blogs on crossdreaming and autogynephilia.

Imitations of Reality contains very interesting reflections on what it means to be a crossdresser, and how you can integrate this into your life as a man.

The author says:

"I am a crossdresser, sometimes known as a transvestite, who has come late in life to acknowledging my inner dreams and ego and at the age of 64 and how all of these aspects remain dazzling and uncomprehending to me! This blog is about my struggles, my denials, my confusions my joys and pleasures in clothing my male body in female apparel."

Note the creative way of using art for illustrations! The image to the right is taken from the blog.

Lost in Transgender is a new blog made by Cheryl, who will write about sexual motivations associated with transgenderism.

She says:

"I know autogynephilia is a ‘theory’, but it is a word which does describe the condition I have. I may not agree with every element of it but it is the best way of describing my motivations. To an outsider it may seem that I have a simple fetish. But it goes far deeper than that, I have all the symptoms of gender dysphoria that many many non AGP transsexuals have."

Update: I have now included feeds from some of the blogs written by crossdreamers in the left hand margin of my Channel 2 blog.

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