May 10, 2011

New crossdreamer blogs: Adventures with Autogynephilia and AGP Partners

In case you missed these new crossdreamer blogs:

Adventures with Autogynephilia

Michael has put up a new blog on his life as a crossdreamer. This is what he says:

"I am a man who erotically fantasizes about becoming a woman. Some call this autogynephilia, others crossdreaming. This blog is about my exploration with my own Autogynephilia adventure: what this means to me, who I am, and how I find happiness."

In one post he touches upon experiencing crossdreaming as a kind of addiction:

"This blog is about self discovery and I'll continue to ask questions to help frame how I feel.  I do not think that AGP is a sexual addiction, but that I was addicted to it.  The first step in my AGP adventure has been to try and break this starve the beast.  That struggle is for a later post, but to get to the true me I feel that I have to push myself in directions I've never gone."

You can read more here.

AGP Partners

Susanne's blog, My Husband is an Autogynephiliac, has been to great help for both crossdreamers and their partners.

Here is a new blog written by Rebecca, who has a transgender sexual partner with "AGP".

She says:

"This is a blog where I will work to explore, understand and heal my emotional challenges. And, more importantly, map out our journey moving forward."


"I've had a lot of dreams, fantasies and assumptions about my life shattered in the last six months. A lot of pain, anger, tears, rage, fear, frustration, anxiety, confusion, and more fear. I've been lied to. And I have screamed mean things. Its not been pretty. I also love more intensely than I ever have. And more intensely than I would have if none of this had happened."

I am really looking forward to hearing what these two have to say.

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