January 5, 2013

Revised Reddit Crossdreamer Discussion Forum

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There was a time when digg was the hottest thing in social media. Not anymore. But one of the copycats, reddit, is thriving. It has become a very useful tool for sharing and exploring online information.

Users may add links for information and discussion or general comments. The entries are organized into areas of interest called "reddits." The front page is the main reddit, and other areas are "subreddits."

There has also been a very active forum or subreddit for crossdreamers, called the Autogynephilia sub, for sharing of crossdreamer resources and the discussion of crossdreamer and transgender topics.

This  sub has now been divided in two:

  • Crossdreaming, which will focus on questions, discussions, support, and community for those with crossdreaming tendencies
  • Genderotica, which  will contain captions, images, stories, movie recommendations, etc. with a focus on transgender elements

The moderator "Porktower" says this about the reorganization:

"This has come about for several different reasons, but the foremost is that most of us dislike the word autogynephilia. It doesn't convey the kind of respect that the subject deserves. Jack Molay has graciously allowed us the use of 'crossdreamer' and it fits very well to this community. Anyone is welcome and it is intended to be a place of support and discussion, without the pressure towards passing and transitioning."

There are also several other relevant reddit forums:

LGTB Rainbow
Ask Transgender


  1. Hello, Jack!

    Thank you for bringing some attention to our little (but growing) community!

    Personally, I am a fan of the /r/asktransgender subreddit as well.

  2. Jack, you're wonderful! Thanks so much for letting us use the name and for bringing attention to our efforts. You've been an inspiration to me and (as far as I can tell) everyone else on the forum. =)

  3. Wonderful work Jack. Always a great place to learn about ourselves through your insightful articles.

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