February 20, 2013

A young transsexual speaks out

There is a new generation of transsexuals out there. Many of them are young lesbian or bisexual transwomen, exactly the kind of transwomen Ray Blanchard called "autogynephiles".

Unfortunately for Blanchard the new generation does not live up to any of the sexist stereotypes of his theory.

They report early childhood memories of gender dysphoria. They transition young. And for those of you who find this important: They also look feminine.

All of this confirms what I have said for a long time: The reason gynephilic transwomen used to transition later than androphilic transwomen, was that they could not use the gay and lesbian culture for support and as a door opener.

Instead they have desperately clung to the identity of their birth sex, as this has seem to be the only way to find someone to love in particular and respect in general.

Thanks to the Internet this is changing. They now find the support of others facing the same challenges as themselves online.  There are also developing their own language and their own narratives to make sense of themselves.

This development goes hand in hand with a trend towards more tolerance in general, as reflected in the increasing number of countries and states accepting gay marriage and ending the pathologization of trans people.

Below find a video made by one of the many new transbloggers, namely Kristin, who blogs as casey4441 at YouTube, and who writes under the name of Krista444 over at Crossdream Life.

Notice how she has liberated herself from the traditional narratives of what it means to be trans. She stands firmly on her own two feet. God bless her!

You can see more of her vlog-posts over at her YouTube blog: Life of a Transgender Twin.

By the way, she is working on an ebook on transitioning. You can sign up to be notified when the book is ready here!


  1. I have found Krista444 posts and videos on YouTube to be extremely helpful. I really admire her honesty and courage in coming forward. I personally identify with her own feelings and admit to being rather jealous of her strength to move forward and be who she feels to be. Through young transitioners like Krista444 I have learned that my 'crossdreaming' thoughts are a valid natural part of an underlying transsexual identity, and as I always suspected common for many who transition. Many may ague that such a person who has crossdreaming thoughts could never be happy as a female, but you've only got to see how happy Krista444 is. I look forward to her ebook being released.

  2. And to that I say bravo! Where was the internet when I was young!

  3. Jsck she has not swallowed all of the pseudo science and outright fallacies that we had to. She bases herself on her own experience and gut feeling to do what she thinks is right. I most like that she does not buy on true transexual exceptionalism that I have seen quite a bit of on the net and elsewhere..,

  4. The Krista444 who labels everyone repressed transsexuals, who must be cured by transition?

    I do like a good wank, but all this trans stuff has seriously no appeal to me.

    Why can't I find a post on this blog that relates to me without being patronizing, or out of the context of transsexual propaganda?

    1. 1. Maybe you should take a better look. There are plenty of posts here that are not about transsexuals.

      2. Maybe you should accept that not everything is about you and your needs.

      3. Maybe you should make your own blog, so that you are not bothered by 'transsrxual propaganda', because I will not stop writing about the lives of gender dysphoric and transsexual crossdreamers. I actually believe all crossdreamers have something to learn from them.

  5. How about addressing the sexual experience without belittlement, or without implying it as a symptom of something else, which I have yet to see in a post?

    It isn't about my own myself or my needs, but the disservice of active misrepresentation and suppression of those like myself.

  6. @Anonymous

    This blog has given room to a wide variety of ideas about what crossdreaming is about, and will continue to do so.

    This will not stop me from presenting my own thoughts about what causes crossdreaming, however, and I truly believe that crossdreaming is a symptom of something else.

    If disagreeing equals misrepresening and suppressing in your mind, I guess we could just agree that I am not representing you.

  7. You "believe"...

    You are disingenuous in so far that you actively obscure the fact that your imperative ideological privileging of "trans" presence is itself a superfluous condition of what we are sexually aroused by.

    Omitted is the huge presence of those for which trans issues genuinely do not have relevance, let alone within their niche(s) of sexual fantasy.

    You can at most claim to exclusively account for the superfluous, ideologically at the expense of the intrinsic in it's own terms.

    If you are to appeal to morality (however besides the point here), you unnecessarily think you solely gain legitimacy by grounding which is actually superfluous. All the while, subjecting all others to the superfluous grounding, however irrelevant it may be to them.

  8. I find it HILARIOUS that this Anonymous jerk thinks you are "subjecting" him to anything. This is a blog, and it presents the viewpoints of the author. It does not need to present any other argument or discussion than the ones the author of the blog finds important. If you don't like it, go find a blog that caters to your viewpoint. Better yet, start your own BLOG!

    Jack, I think you are a very special person, and I know for a fact you have helped many many people to understand themselves better. Don't let trolls like this (probably wxhluyp/eleanor) upset you.

  9. @Kristin

    Given the style of writing I would say that this is definitely wxhluyp, and wxhluyp finds it hard to let go of the idea that his point of view is the only one that makes meaning for all of us.

    He is actually banned from both this blog and Crossdream Life, as he insisted on transwomen being fetishists and fetishists only.

    Anyway, wxhluyp had actually started his own blog:


    Maybe that will help.

  10. "Fetishists only"?

    Once again this is your very own manipulation. Your terms of your propaganda presents either innate transsexualism or perverted fetishist. You have not accepted that "innateness" is not required for an individual to identify through "gender". That any psychological context let alone something as "mere" as sexuality, could be the root of legitimate conditions for dysphoric feelings. You know this.

    "the idea that his point of view is the only one that makes meaning for all of us."

    You react to autogynephilia, and I react to both autogynephilia and crossdreaming. You are limited by your ideological trans imperative.

  11. It's funny cause now he is being taken to task on reddit as well. The funny thing is I sorta feel a bit bad for him. He is just trying to put a reason to the feelings he has. He's done this through orchestrating a complex system axioms he holds to be true, but seems to be the only one who identifies with at least half of those said axioms. A comment on reddit said it best. It seems like a exercise in the intellectualization and rationalization of an assumption that he holds an emotional connection to that is divorced from the reality transsexuals experience. The idea of emasculation trauma as a catalyst for a life-long cross gender identification (from early childhood to now), leading to massive feelings of dysphoria, obsessive thoughts, and suicidal ideation is absolutely ridiculous. I had no such trauma, and as a male before I transitioned I would easily have been judged to have been at least of average masculinity, and above average in my ability to romantically attract and satisfy women. It felt like play-acting and was never fulfilling to me, but it was easy.

    The idea that I changed my gender because I couldnt hack being a dude, and felt ashamed of my inability to live up to some "male standard" and thus "fetishized it" is incredibly sexist. It assumes that all males desire to be some undefined archetype of what a man is, and when they fail to live up to that, somehow eroticize the idea of being a woman instead... so they can go on to become women? WTF its all nonsense and convoluted bullshit reasoning.

    The reasoning of wyxhlup falls apart when it is met with someone who has no history of emasculation trauma, and doest have and never did have any arousal with the idea of being emasculated or otherwise shamed about my gender. Additionally, how does someone like wyxhlup explain women who have similar sexual fantasies to us, but in reverse. Those cis women who fantasize about being physically male. I know women like this personally. Are these women the result of some sort of defemination (female of emasculate) trauma? No of course not, the very fact that defemination isnt a real word speaks to the absurdity and sexist nature of the entire conceptualization espoused by wxhlup.

    Before autogynephiles come to terms with their gender identity, they take safe haven in the only outlet they can find for feeling like women, in their heads during private sexual time. Add to the mix the extremely high level of sexualization of women that happens in our society as well as high doses of testosterone, and you get this crazy mix of fantasy, lust, and dysphoria.

    As someone who has been on that side of it, I understand how confusing it can be. The truth is though that it becomes SO SO much easier to understand as you transition. Blocking testosterone takes away that urgent feeling, that sexual compulsiveness. It also allows the experience of seeing oneself as a woman for the first time to really happen. It becomes part of reality, and is taken out of the world of fantasy. Through this process the oversexed aspects of it go away. The arousal with crossdressing, it is gone. Even the arousal with having breasts, now that I have them, I find them hot, but not like before. What remains is a sexuality similar to those I hear cis women talk about. I know now that had I been born a Cis woman, with the same brain I have now, I would have felt no dysphoria, no strangeness. My body would have felt natural and wonderful to me, exactly as it should have been. I am a woman, my brain is and always has been closer to that of a cis woman than that of a man, and my sexuality has always been much much closer to that of a cis woman than that of a cis man.


  12. In my opinion, wxhylup, is in deep deep denial. He claims he has no dysphoria, but clearly spends countless hours trying to justify his own rationalizations to the world. It's a sad reaction that makes it neccessary for people like me and Jack to debunk his bullshit, as it leads so many people astray from getting their lives together and exploring their feelings more deeply.

    I'm sure not everyone who feels agp type feelings are trans, but a huge percentage are. Telling them to "man up" and enjoy it as a fetish, is ridiculous, it just enables denial and compartmentalization instead of encouraging them to take steps to figure out their own real truth.

    You may not be a mean person in reality wxhluyp, but you are doing damage.

  13. I do find your attitudes smug, Kristin. I don't like wxhluyp's rudeness to Jack, but nor do I like the superior way in which you psychoanalyse wxhluyp.

    You seem full of what a wonderful thing you have done in transitioning, and overconfident that what is right for you is right for other crossdreamers. I am pleased that someone is strongly opposing your 'crossdreamers are transsexuals' line, as this keeps the debate open in what is a very uncertain area. I think wxhluyp's style does a disservice to his ideas, which include some sharp thinking, and draw on very sophisticated and respected philosophers. Wxhluyp's ideas take on board the complexity of important concepts such as fantasy, identity and gender construction, which do intelligently challenge essentialist assumptions. I do think it is simplistic to assume that one's sexual fantasies indicate what one ought to do in external life.

    Ultimately wxhluyp encourages crossdreamers to feel good about themselves and their sexuality, unlike the people who want to 'cure' crossdreaming, and unlike the people such as yourself who effectively encourage crossdreamers to feel bad about themselves unless they transition. I find the 'if you disagree that you are transsexual you must be in denial' attitude particularly intellectually oppressive, exploiting the disparity between your overt confidence and the confusion and doubt most crossdreamers who go to forums etc. seeking help feel. The more such attitudes dominate crossdreaming culture, the harder it will be for crossdreamers not to succumb to that pressure to believe what they are told about themselves. I doubt many will transition unless it really is appropriate for them; instead they will just feel worse about remaining externally male.

    You may think that your motivation is to encourage crossdreamers suffering from dysphoria to have the boldness to transition. I am not unhappy about such encouragement, but I take strong issue with your assumptions about other crossdreamers, many of whom may be unhappy on account of having a stigmatized and difficult sexuality, rather than on account of gender dysphoria. I would like such crossdreamers to feel better about themselves and their sexuality. I don't think telling them that they need to change in such a big way helps this. xx

  14. Deborah, I think you have completely and unfairly characterized my position. I don't advocate for all crossdreamers to transition. I'm sure for some of them it would probably be worse than living the way that they currently are.

    I think you have an inaccurate assumption of the scope of AGP type feelings within the transgender community. They are nearly universal, and the majority of trans women who eventually transition at one point thought they were just defective men with a fetish. The years of pain they went through confused about this is what I am trying to help people avoid.

    I don't encourage people to transition neccessarily, I encourage them to take steps TOWARD transition to see how it feels to them. There is this crazy idea that lots of crossdreamers seem to hold, that continuing down the same path they always have, of fantasy, release, and then going back to their normal lives, will somehow yield answers to them some day. IT WONT. The only way you can determine if you would like to transition is by talking to a therapist and actually taking some steps to see how it might feel to live and be a woman. I'm not even talking about irriversable steps here. Low dose HRT, or full crossdressing, or role playing with a therapist, or finding like-minded people in real life to have some REAL experiences as a woman with. There are many actions that can be taken, which is what I encourage. I certainly don't think every crossdreamer should go get on full dose HRT immediately and start becoming full transsexuals, that is absurd. It is an individual journey, and one that an individual has to come to conclusions about for themselve. I only advocate getting unstuck from the rut that the concept of AGP seems to put so many of you in (and did for me in the past as well).

    I suppose it boils down to this, and if this makes me "smug" so be it, I would say I have earned the right to speak to the experience of someone who formerly thought themselves and autogynephile, and realized later that there was MUCH more to it than that.

    I find those who have not explored their desires in a way beyond simple private fantasy to be lacking in the experiences necessary to give them clarity on the true power of their own cross-gender desires. I think without therapy and testing the waters, you and all other "crossdreamers" will be stuck in a purgatory of sorts in terms of understanding your own sexual identity.

  15. In some ways Deborah, this all almost seems analogous to the arguments you used to hear about how gay individuals should lead their lives. How they should simply fight their internal sexualities and live as "heterosexuals" perhaps with the caveat that it might be ok for them to indulge their homosexual proclivities in private fantasy (but never enact them in real life)

    The truth is that most crossdreamers have this cross-gender sexuality that is completely missmatched with the heterosexual experience. So much so that fantasy must be used in most, if not all heterosexual encounters. This is frighteningly similar to what you see in repressed homosexuals who marry. The crossdreaming phenomenon is not limited to being something of a harmless fantasy. It necessarily impacts the lives of those around you if you are actively living in a way that pretends your true sexuality is that of a heterosexual male.

    One of the biggest reasons I decided to explore transition was because I couldn't in good faith ever enter into a relationship with a woman again having to pretend I was some typical straight guy, it felt like the deepest sort of lie to me. It felt hugely dishonest.

    I want to make it clear that I think that cross-gender identification and cross-gender sexualities exist on a spectrum. For those out there who have cross-gender fantasies that exist in tandem with other fantasies in which they are their birth gender, than I could fully agree with wxhluyp, that they should just be seen as a kink, a fetish, something extra to be enjoyed. Similar to a foot fetish, or bdsm fetish, or whatever.

    The difference here is that most crossdreamers have a sexuality that is entirely activated by thoughts of themselve sexually as women. This is a sexuality that is extremely difficult or impossible to reconcile by spending a life pretending to be a typical heterosexual man. Which is why I encourage those who have crossdreaming as their sexuality, to look harder by taking steps toward exploring what life might be like if they made their cross-gender feelings more of a reality.

  16. "Taken to task on reddit"? Where?

    "A comment on reddit said it best."

    That is your own comment, and it was addressed (and in turn, which you have yet to respond to).

    As stated before, however strange, you use the same concepts to account for your own position.

    An instance or theme which accounts for a sexualized trauma. Again, the same. Simply where we differ, is that you want to account for yourself in a superfluous extension of required conditions.

    "I find it pretty bizarre that there are those of us who do not recognise (compartmentalize?) the presence of solely sexual AGP content all over the internet. Then again, AGP communities are almost completely made up of those who worry about gender issues, so I think that gives the constituents an impression based on a collective reinforcement of eachothers notions and generalities."

    "He claims he has no dysphoria, but clearly spends countless hours trying to justify his own rationalizations to the world."

    The niche of my fantasies are manifestly not something I can feel "dysphoric" about, the humiliation of being related to femininity. I am apart of a discourse, and discourses are very much "my thing".

    "It's a sad reaction that makes it neccessary for people like me and Jack to debunk his bullshit"

    I want a genuine and open discourse, yet you state this. The terms of crossdreaming have been addressed and subsumed.

    "You may not be a mean person in reality wxhluyp, but you are doing damage."

    The mistake is in proposing that autogynephilia is a symptom of innate transsexuality, whereas the real struggle in the end is to show how autogynephilia can lead to GENUINE conditions for which one can develop dysphoric feelings. I would say you could be the one propagating the more damaging take.

    "The difference here is that most crossdreamers have a sexuality that is entirely activated by thoughts of themselve sexually as women."

    You are referring to an anatomic niche of fantasies. An awfully crude and misleading reduction.

    AGP is simply one of the things I am sexually aroused by, so it is not representational of my sexuality. It is pretty much a certainty that no individual truly finds solely one thing sexually arousing.

  17. I'd like you to be more honest about the reality of your fantasies, are you saying they are not anatomic? You dont desire to have a vagina? Your fantasies are purely based in humilation based feminization?

    Perhaps we come to such dissagreements because what you are experiencing is fundementally different from what most other self-diagnosed autogynephiles feel.

    I've only very rarely heard anyone who identifies this way as having it as simply an arousal pattern that exists alongside some other equally fulfilling pattern. Instead it is nearly universally the ONLY way those who identify as crossdreamers or autogynephiles get themselves off, through the fantasy of physically being women and being interacted with sexually in the context of having a female body. If this is not your fantasy, I dont see how you are an autogynephile.

    Perhaps what we are seeing here is the nexus of two types of groups who share a similar sexuality. One characterized by the feelings whxylup seems to have (emasculation trauma and arousal based on shaming and emasculation) and something entirely different based around an internal sense of what our bodies should look and behave like. Whxyup, there is no way you could be dysphoric if you like having a male body, and never wanted to have a female one. Of course my reasoning seems absured. What you are missing is that the vast majority of people who identify as crossdreamers, DO want to have a female body and their sexuality is dependent on the conceptualization of having that body. These are the Crossdreamers who I feel would benefit from exploring what it might be like to transition (at least some baby steps) not people who have some emasculation fantasy like you do. These are two completely different things.

    As for reddit. UsedtobeAGP is not my username. Transtwin is my username. Why would I pretend it was someone else?

  18. One more thing. How exactly is encouraging people who identify as AGP to learn more about themselves and explore what their truth is more dangerous than telling them you have the "answer" and that they can stop looking?

    If some people come to the conclusions you have come to about yourself, that this is just some fun fantasy, great, but it will be through their own hard work and self analysis. Telling them it is just a pleasant kink to be enjoyed is patronizing to those of us who know it is highly impactful on is in many areas of our lives, and that the sexual feelings we experienced in regards to wanting to be women, are just the tip of the iceburg and not some kink.

  19. Kristin,

    I still think you are overconfident in believing that your experience entitles you to know what is best for all crossdreamers.

    Why should crossdreamers take serious steps towards transitioning, if they don't feel drawn to do so by themselves? (And I do not trust therapists to know us better than we do ourselves. Therapists all have different takes from each other; so much depends on which particular one we consult.) Maybe most transsexuals have been 'autogynephiles'. This does not mean that most 'autogynephiles' are transsexuals.

    I am absolutely not saying that crossdreamers should fight their sexual identity. I think that crossdreamers should enjoy and celebrate their sexual identity. I believe the sexual identity 'crossdreamer' should be affirmed, rather than subsumed into a presumed gender identity of 'transsexual'.

    Some people who have transitioned are pleased that they have done so. Others, in the long run, are not. If the majority are pleased, it is because they know for themselves that it is right for them before they take such a major step. This does not apply to people who are told that they are in a 'purgatory', lacking self-awareness and refusing to look deeply, because they do not take steps towards transitioning. I find it depressing that sites overtly dedicated to crossdreamers give such negative messages to crossdreamers.

    A crucial context for comprehending crossdreaming is the standard relationship between sexual fantasy and sexual reality. I think you are very wrong to describe fantasy dismissively as 'simple'. Nancy Friday's My Secret Garden is good on this. It is normal for people to have sexual fantasies which are not about their partner. The tension between a faithful relationship and allowing your sexuality substantial expression is difficult for all. It would be dangerous for many if people took sexual fantasies as indicators of what they ought to do in external life (e.g. sadists). xx

  20. I don't even think the majority of those wanting to have a female body for sexual pleasure are transsexual or even transgenders. The reason we don't see them here is simply because they don't identify as trans. If crossexual feelings are based on an extension to ones sexuality (wanting to be submissive, sissy, femdom etc.) then what harm is it to have that?
    I definately don't identify as female or really want to have female parts, but i find the thought of looking like the object of my desire in a sexual context to be a part of my so called "bisexuality". Like you said, being female in sexual situations is only one thing about femaleness and does not define anything as whole. Like crossdressing is only one part of being feminine or female but there still are clear differences between male-identified crossdressers and transsexuals wanting to dress like themselves.

  21. This whole conflict ultimately leads back to one horrible intellectual fuck up made by old bearded men some 2 to 3000 years ago. they were persian zorastreans, jewish esseans, gnostic christians and more.

    they decided that sex was unclean and sinful, some because it seemed to prolong the suffering of men, others because it made it hard to control headstrong women. Sex as in sexuality was defined as something negative, and since women were understood to be more amorous than men, the female sex was defined as something negative.

    Since then it has become impossible to integrate sex and sexual desire into a complete and complex understanding of what it means to be human. Sex and the female are expelled into the realm of unclean bodily fluids, into sarks to use the Green term for the flesh.

    Whyxlup, as well as the radfems I recently wrote about, do try to solve this problem. They see that it is our concepts of sex and gender that causes much of the suffering. The old body mind dichotomy is the culprit. They are right about this. Unfortunately they throw the baby out with the bathwater. They solve the problem by removing the flesh. Now everything is spirit or nous (semitic or symbolic in their terms).

    Post-modern feminist Judith Butler believes eveything sex is socially constructed, bcause she has thrown out all the tools that makes it possible to truly see and feel the animal inside us. This is also why the radfems have to treat transwomen as perverted men, and why whyxlup has to do the same (although he ties to turn the happy autogynephiliac into something positive.)

    The dichotomy of the magi and the prophets lives on in our languages and scholarly disciplines. If the post-structuralists had been willing to take modern biology and neurology more seriously, they would have seen that we remain instinct driven animals as well.

    If the evolutionary biologists had read more of Foucault and his followers, they would have stopped reproducing sexual stereotypes as science. Instead there is no communication and no crossfertilization.

    This hurts transwomen like Kristin, because the very people that should have been her defenders, the radical feminists, have become her opressors.

    The people who do accept a natural basis for her narrative, on the other hand, are often so deeply embedded in sexual steretypes, that she has to deny her sexuality to gain respect.

    We have to break down the walls between body and mind. Both crossdreaming and transsexualism are caused by an interplay between body and mind, the animal and the symbolic.

    Transsexualism cannot be properly understood within the framework of post-structuralism, and the diversity of crossdreamer expressions cannot be understood within the framework of evolutionary biology.

    We need to combine the two, and since no one else i doing it, it is up to us to develop a narrative that leaves room for both transsexual and non-transsexual crossdreamers.

  22. This new age soft-kill society is something of nightmares to me. With everyone pointing fingers at other people, environment, circumstance, etc. I've seen a spectrum of more or less genuine and disingenuous expression of "who" they are, but I beg the question "what" they are, besides just being/doing human. I don't see the cataclysmic effect of gender dysphoric people transitioning, and to be honest I'm supportive in my own way, but not the extent of giving medical resources for it. However, there has been many times I've read/seen cases where transition can be helpful to a gender dysphoric person. To me it's just different kinds of gravity, and that I have more important issues to work on then trying to stop people from "transitioning".

    In my own experience, the urges/feelings/compulsion to express myself as female/feminine/etc has been an enigma, because what does it mean to be a woman? For me.. I've seen cultural behaviors deemed femme or not, and both predominant sexes (male & female) can display both typical masculine and feminine behaviors leading me to "believe" there's far less differences between the sexes besides biological functioning (capacity to be pregnant, muscular growth, hair growth, etc) and we've come to an age where it's much more possible to blur the genetic lines between sexes.

    I beg, yet another question and my own observation, that it's just not worth the greatest social good to persecute gender dysphoric people nor give medical resources (paid by insurances). I've seen both MtFs and FtMs who rival the most cis-gender counter parts in "looks", "education", "social skills", etc. But I digress that such transitions need not be necessary for a worth-while life. People are bombarded with comparisons of never being good enough so they need to buy this product or that, or act this way or that. And it can be helpful to mimic successful tactics. Which may be "transitioning". Doing my own experiments people can express typical behaviors of masculine or femine, and that alot of them are not so-biologically based. An example: a strong physical hand-shake. Start with that.

  23. "This is also why the radfems have to treat transwomen as perverted men, and why whyxlup has to do the same (although he ties to turn the happy autogynephiliac into something positive.)"

    The radfems acknowledge the constructibility of gender, yet bizarrely deny the legitimacy of construction when it suits themselves.

    Jack Molay knows of the constructibility of gender, yet manipulatively implies that if there isn't an underlying innate trans identity, than one is merely a pervert. Or even however legitimate constructed gender may be, what matters more is the prejudices on part of general society or the medical establishment.

    Wxhluyp acknowledges that sexuality can be a legitimate vehicle of construction

    "Post-modern feminist Judith Butler believes eveything sex is socially constructed, bcause she has thrown out all the tools that makes it possible to truly see and feel the animal inside us"

    She understands the constructibility of experience, and acknowledges that the human body necessarily works with this constructibility. Rather than throwing out the baby with the bathwater, what is called for is a more sophisticated understanding of the relationship between the body and construction.

    "Both crossdreaming and transsexualism are caused by an interplay between body and mind, the animal and the symbolic"

    Nothing is necessitated beyond psychological construction, and that isn't demeaning.

    "it is up to us to develop a narrative that leaves room for both transsexual and non-transsexual crossdreamers."

    Your crossdreaming discourse ideologically necessitates an adjunct trans precondition. A genuine account of dysphoric autogynephiliacs, acknowledges that sexuality can root legitimate dysphoric feelings.

  24. Jack writes: 'it is up to us to develop a narrative that leaves room for both transsexual and non-transsexual crossdreamers.'

    Yes, although I would say what's most important is to develop a mutually supportive community that serves both.

    We cam promote this by upholding the old liberal principle of respect for those within the community different from ourselves, and with opinions different from our own. By respecting each other's self-interpretations, rather than condemning them as the products of denial or of fundamentally false concepts. By not having the aim of converting crossdreamers' self-interpretations from transsexual to non-transsexual, or vice versa. xx

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