April 30, 2021

On my most popular tumblr-posts on transgender lives and topics

I have been posting transgender news and articles over at my tumblr blog since early 2014, and have learned a lot about that section of the transgender community in the process. 

Tumblr is dominated by younger people, and I can see that they – for instance – love positive stories about being trans and references to reputable science sources that affirm transgender identities.

You can read more about this in my article "What my most popular posts on tumblr can tell us about what transgender youth are looking for" which I have posted over at Medium.

(I am testing out Medium as an alternative way of making my content more well known.)


  1. Jack your content over the years has been instrumental for people like me who wanted to get to a deeper understanding of what causes people to be trans. Without that exploration I would have felt lost.

    What I find solace in for the youth is that they were not exposed to the pervasive negativity that those of us who are older were. Seeing them find self understanding sooner brings me much hope for the future.


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