August 24, 2008

On men who long to be women

There are a large number of men out there that have secret dreams about how it would be like to be a woman.

I am not only talking about the visible ones, the cross-dressers and the transsexuals who have become public figures.

No, I am also talking about what appears to be "ordinary men", with no immediate plans for sex reassignment surgery or hormone treatments, but who nevertheless harbors feelings that many will find strange and hard to understand.

For the men involved this can be a huge problem, and I know what I am talking about, as I am one of them. Like many of them I have kept my "inner woman" secret, mainly because I find it hard to believe that the people closest to me would understand or accept this phenomenon, and partly because I am not sure what it all means.

I have explored the fantasies of transgendered people like me, found in forums like Rachel's Haven and A Bimbo's Sanctuary, in fiction sites like Fictionmania.

Sites like these have to my knowledge never been used for research of sexual psychology, but represents one of the most important sources of information on transgender fantasies.

I have also tried to go through new research on the topic, to see if science has anything sensible to say that can help people like us.

Moreover, I am going to test any scientific, psychological, religious or philosophical theory that might throw light upon the subject, how far fetched they may be.

I very much welcome your comments!


(and yes, Jack is an alias)


  1. Hi Jack. You are definitely not alone in this regard. I feel that I would label myself an autogynephiliac. I consider myself a heterosexual male and am so attracted to women that I want to be one. I wish that there were more outlets to express my feelings. Perhaps a convention of some sort someday? In the meantime, I'm focused on TG stories and pictures and videos of post-op transsexuals. I hope you are able to keep this blog going as I'm concerned that there's not many of us out there.

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  3. Thanks for talking about this. I feel the same way Pill expressed himself. It's a small but obviously intelligent group.
    It's interesting we share the same taste in a non PC area.
    I read the psych definition and agree. But I find his sample for the evaluations probably would not have included very many members of our community.


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