October 17, 2010

New crossdreamer/autogynephilia blogs

Here are two new interesting blogs written by crossdreamers for crossdreamers:

Ilas over at Crossdreaming ilas says this about himself: "Simply put...I am a bisexual man who would have liked to have had a female body instead. Some call it a 'Lesbian trapped in a man's body', others call it an Autogynephiliac or a Crossdreamer. I am trying to find out what is true for me and where I think I fit in best. What I am doing here is write down my experiences, thoughts and theories to get them out of my head and out in the open for other people to react on. "

"Autogyn" calls himself "a confused genderqueer trying to navigate life's rough waters. Destination: unknown." This blog is called Living with Autogynephilia.

1 comment:

  1. WhenI told Ilas 1 month ago that he was probably gay he told me NO.

    So now he tells that he is gay (understand he likes men and not himself as a woman).


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