September 17, 2009

Read the comments!

When I started this blog, I had no idea it would generate so many comments. I am really glad it has, because that means that many of you find the discussions useful.

I have learned a lot from what you are writing, and are already working on new posts based on what some of you have written.

I any case: If you are new to this blog, click on the headlines of the blog posts and scroll down to read the reader's comments. You can also click on the small links below the home page blog posts -- the one that says "6 comments" or something similar.


  1. Hi there, I've been following your blog for quite a while now so i think i should write at least something.
    I consider myself as an autogynephiliac too, and despite i've discovered the term only a month ago, I’ve been aware of my situation since i'm 9 years old i think, just by the time i started developing physically and sexually (i think we all have that in common).
    Despite this situation I’m 100% heterosexual, i love women, more than that actually, i admire them, and in my opinion that has something to do with all this, i love them so much that being like them, or at least knowing how it feels to be like them is what makes me have this fantasies.
    Actually, that's how all started.
    During my childhood i went crazy about a girl that went to my same school, I couldn’t think in anything but her.
    The thing is that she was also my best friend, we were very close to each other and as i didn't want to spoil the friendship i never said anything to her.
    Well as i went to a private school, and my father had recently lost his job i had to move to a public one, and i didn't see her again until a few years ago.
    During that time is when i started masturbating, and from the beginning, my fantasy was being her, having her body, even though i was still crazy about her, and wanted her to be my girlfriend.
    That lasted a few years, then my fantasies moved to other women, but always the same background (me having their body).
    I'm 18 now, about to turn 19, and i don't feel ashamed about all this, although this is the first time i say something about it.
    It has never interfered in my everyday life, when i talk to a woman or as i walk through the street and I see a girl with a good body, i have the same thoughts every guy has, i love to be around them, just spending time with them makes me feel great.
    The autogynephilia issue only comes to sexual terms.
    This has never been a big issue for me, I’ve always tried to take it as a part of me, to accept that maybe my feminine side is overdeveloped, but that that can't prevent me for having a normal (or even better!) love and sexual life.
    I also agree with a previous post of yours when you say that this has to have a biological basis. If only a research about this would be made, many of our questions would be answered.

    Well to finish this, i can say that is great to find people that have the same questions as me, and in the other point of the map! (I'm from Argentina).
    From my way of seeing this, my only goal is to make this situation in some way helpful, or at least find the good side, because I can't change it, i can't make "her" go and i don't know if i would want to, "she" is a part of me, and finding a way for "us" to live both together in my mind, and maybe take some kind of advantage from all this is what i look for (even though i still don't know how).

    Thank you for your blog and I hope I could make my self understood (this is not my original language).

  2. Thank you very much for a great comment!

    (And your English seems perfect to me! But then again: English is my second language, as well. I am from Scandinavia).

    What I find liberating from your comment, as well as the ones from others, is that you feel so calm about it all.

    I also find comfort in the fact that you and others manage so well to combine your life with your "inner woman" with your life as a man.

    I know for a fact that for others the inner woman becomes so strong, that that is not possible.

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