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Crossdreamers.com is a blog focusing on crossdreamer, crossdresser, queer and transgender issues. And yes, I am using the word transgender in its broad umbrella sense here, in the meaning of gender variant.
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What makes this one a bit different from other blogs of this kind is that it contains a lot of information on the sexuality of genderqueer, nonbinary and transgender people -- their dreams and desires.

Some trans people get turned on by the idea of having sex as their target gender. I call this crossdreaming. Trans activist and philiosopher Julia Serano refers to female/feminine or male/masculine embodiment fantasies, while other refers to this as cross-gender arousal.

The blog started out as a correction to the so-called autogynephilia theory, which reduces people who have such fantasies to "paraphiliacs". If want to know why that transphobic theory fails to explain what crossdreaming is about, you have come to the right place.

Please note that for many the term crossdreamer has come to mean the idea of being or becoming their target sex in general, i.e. beyond sexuality. That makes perfect sense to me. Indeed, the blog  also contains a lot of information on transgender, LGBT and gender issues of other types.

I am a male to female transgender activist living in Scandinavia. I have not transitioned, but support all trans people who have done so. Jack Molay is my pen name.

If you want to contact me directly, send an email to jack.molay@gmail.com.

Jack Molay

More about Crossdreaming

Many crossdreamers identify with their assigned gender, others think of themselves as genderqueer or nonbinary, while others again are clearly transsexual. Some experience crossdreaming as a gender mismatch and suffer from gender dysphoria. Others do not.

Some move from one side of the continuum to another throughout their lives.  For some this is experienced as nothing but a sexual kink. To others crossdreaming is just one of many ways of expressing and exploring a cross-gender identity.

Crossdreamers and transgender people are, like most people, sexual beings. It should come as no surprise that they dream about having sex as their target gender. Unfortunately we live in cultures where there is a lot of shame attached to sex outside the vanilla norm. This especially applies to male assigned people who dream about being women.

This is why it is so important that we talk about this issue.

More about crossdreaming

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