November 19, 2010

Transgenderisms 5

Another Ray Blanchard comic for you. Click on image to enlarge!


  1. I love you .|. *laughs hysterically*

  2. In a chapter by Cantor, Blanchard, and Barbaree they define teleiophilia as "the (normal) preference for persons between the ages of physical maturity and physical decline (roughly 17-45)" and gerontophilia is attraction a preference for "the elderly." (Which, evidently, is anyone past their mid 40's.)

  3. The most recent article from the CAMH team not only defines teleiophilia, but also, in effect, draws a picture of it. This is the article: Blanchard, R., Kuban, M. E., Blak, T., Klassen, P. E., Dickey R., & Cantor, J. M. (published on-line ahead of print). Sexual attraction to others: A comparison of two models of alloerotic responding in men. Archives of Sexual Behavior. A PDF of the article can be downloaded for free at this site:

  4. I fail to see anything humorous in this purile comic. The so called "humor" in this comic is based on a false character assignation of Blanchard and his work. The author assumes that everyone shares their hatred for Blanchard... but the irony is that the author only highlights their misunderstanding of his work by the misuse of the word teliophilia, when they should have been using "gerontophilia". It only shows that they have never actually read, much less understood, this body of work.

    Further, mischaracterization is the false portrayal of gerontophilia as having perjoritive meaning in Blachard's work. When in fact, it is purely descriptive. The fact that most humans are sexually attracted to individuals of roughly their own age and maturity is fully recognized by both Blanchard and other sexologists.

    This comic is merely misinformed and misleading agitprop, and has no place in a mature and reasoned discussion of the scientific issues involved in Blanchard's work.

    I am appalled and ashamed of this comic.

  5. Let me get this straight: Mr. Blanchard has actually made a separate word for the attraction to older people called gerontophilia? And that somehow make this comic less relevant?

    A man that needs to separate the love of younger adults from older ones must be seriously disturbed in my book. He cannot know anything about the love life of real people.

    What does it mean: Did I become a gerontophiliac the day my wife passed 50? Jeez!

    I am sick and tired of having anal-retentive scientists tell me who I am and why I am who I am. It is time we took back our lives from these narrow minded label-fetishistic paraparaphliacs!


  6. @sillyolme

    Somehow this comment passed me by.

    Cloudy, Ray Blanchard does not deserve the support of a great woman like yourself! For you to feel hurt on behalf of him is really sad.

    This is a man that refuses to stop insulting you by calling you a gay man, and who - in spite of lack of any evidence - continue to label crossdreamers as myself perverts. I think he will be able to tackle a harmless jest from a man like myself.

    He will probably diagnose me with narcissistic rage and get over it.

    I am going to do what it takes to survive this nightmare, including making use of humor.

    As for me mixing up teleiophilia and gerontophilia... Doesn't that say it all? What kind of man needs a new pseudogreek word for the love of older people?


    I take it that your comment is meant ironically.

    To attack Blanchard from suffering from some kind of compulsive-obsessive disorder is to give in to his game: labeling anyone deviating from your own personal definition of normalcy as mentally ill.

    I have no doubt sexology, evolutionary psychology and related biology disciplines attract some personality types more than others. An intense urge to put everything into neat boxes is probably one of the more common personality traits.

    However, if we were to make a separate DSM category for people like Blanchard, I am afraid everybody with the possible exception of Jesus would have to be included in one category the other.

    Come to think of it, Jesus would probably be diagnosed with an asexual empathy disorder or -- even better - a god complex.


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