May 9, 2011

New transgender crossdreamer group in Second Life

Crossdreamers seem to find their own ways of expressing their inner woman. 

Crossdressing is one way. Writing transgender fantasies and captions is another.

With the advent of the virtual world Second Life, however, many crossdreamers found a new place to explore their other self,  letting it express itself through their female avatar.

Some of the members of the Crossdream Life forum have now decided to establish a kind of Crossdreamer club in Second Life.

Crossdream SL

Sienna Blau over at Crossdream Life writes:

"We are starting a Crossdreamer group within Second Life, and it's called Crossdream SL

Second Life has been an incredibly powerful and transformative experience for us, so we want to share it with our fellow crossdreamers.

A small group of us have already met and are becoming good friends in world... SL allows us to overcome the gender obstacles separating us from our dreams and the geographic realities separating us from each other.

We have been searching for a venue similar to Crossdream Life, and have not found it. We have found groups that are very active, and others that have long since lost their leadership or their motivation. None are tailored to the needs of the crossdreamer. Sadly, the divisions amongst the TS/TG communities in RL also manifest themselves in Second Life...

For these reasons, we have decided that there is a place for a crossdreamer group within SL to serve as a meeting place to find friends and kindred spirits. To ensure that this community is tolerant, engaging and aligned with our core focus, we will offer membership by invitation only. 

We are searching for new members at crossdreamer forums to find those who are already curious and serious about crossdreaming, so as to keep the goals of the group aligned with the concerns and desires of our community. 

Also, the invitational character of the group will help protect the cherished privacy and anonymity of our members. The group will serve to connect crossdreamers to each other in SL, so we can provide help and support to each other, both for crossdreamer issues as well as SL issues...

We hope that all who have already found solace in SL will join us, and those who are curious will take advantage of our offer of friendship to come and explore with us. We will make our virtual world better by making your acquaintance."

(Click here for full text).

Entry to the Crossdream SL group

Crossdream SL is an invitation only group.

To the group, you must sign up as a member of Crossdream Life, and send a private message to Sienna Blau. She will guide you along.

If you are already an active Second Life resident, You can also send an instant message to Sienna Blau (username SentientBlue) in Second Life. She will respond with a group invitation. 

Sienna adds:

"If you are not yet a resident, but would like to join us to explore in world, drop me (Sienna) a PM at CDL and let me know what times are good for your exploration. If I can't join you at a good time, I will ask one of the other members, who will be happy to be your hostess."

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  1. Second Life has been a huge, wonderful, powerful venue for exploring crossdreaming in myself and others. I highly recommend it.

    If you're inclined to try, I'm happy to be a resource too: IM Kaseido Quandry within SL.

    Huge kudos to Sienna for her work organizing this group - I'll be joining up tonight!


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