September 1, 2011

Call for trans and genderqueer poetry

TC Tolbert and Tim Peterson are editing a new collection of trans-poetry and are asking for contributions.

They say that their assumption is that the writing of trans and genderqueer folks has something more than coincidence in common with the experimental, the radical, and the innovative in poetry and poetics:
"With your help we’d like to manifest that something (or somethings) in a genderqueer multipoetics, a critical mass of trans fabulousness."

The deadline is November 30. You can read more about it here.

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  1. I've been reading thories why I'm a cross-dresser and have been even considering transformation' and although I don't agree with all the assessments made by the experts I know that my relationship with my mother was and is the starting point. I'm 59 year old wicower; and unlike most of the men I have been reading about, I had a wonderful and mutuially satisfying marrage of 21 years before my dDebbie passed 3/30/2010.


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