January 9, 2014

Facebook Crossdreamer Page Gains 1000 Followers

In October last year we put up a page for crossdreamers over at Facebook. Yesterday the page had aggregated 1000 "likes" or followers.

Given that Facebook frown upon anonymous accounts, and many would hesitate to sign up for such a page publicly, that is actually quite an achievement. In any case, this proves that there is an interest for this topic out there.

In comparison this blog has some 8000 unique visitors every month.  I am also glad to say that the Crossdream Life forum is alive and thriving.

You can visit the Crossdreamer Facebook page here! It contains short entries on online content that may be of interest to the readers of this blog.

For more links to sites relevant to crossdreamers, see the Crossdreaming Portal. 

(Thanks to Cheryl for promoting the Facebook page in such an efficient way!)


  1. Congrats at reaching 1000 and I hope people are able openly follow. I think this blog and that facebook page does a lot to help people be more open and educated. Congrats again ^_^.

  2. Flexor I second that motion. This website does a lot to promote understanding and reflection on this highly interesting and complex aspect of human behavior.

  3. Congrats, on reaching a thousand. I don't wish to be open enough to do the facebook thing though... going to be more incognito all ways around, and not make such bold post either.

  4. Thanks to you all!

    Elsa: Fortunately you do not have to like the page to read it. It is public.


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