May 1, 2016

Looking for students and scientists who want to study transgender issues

Dr. Jaimie Veale is looking for students and researchers who would be interested in studying transgender  issues.
Jaimie Veale

Dr. Jaimie Veale has done some extremely important research in transgender people, documenting, for instance, a diversity and a complexity that goes far beyond the traditional dichotomies between two types of male to female transgender people.

In this context she has delivered compelling evidence that undermines the so-called "autogynephilia" theory of Dr. Ray Blanchard of Toronto, a theory that effectively reduces transgender identities to paraphilias.

I have presented some of her research here  and here, and you can find more material over at her own web site.

Having spent some time in British Columbia, Jaimie is now back in New Zealand, in a faculty position at the School of Psychology at the University of Waikato.

In time Jaimie hopes to be able to build up a team of researchers interested in everything transgender (crossdreaming included). If you are interested in this kind of research, and would even like to contribute yourself, do not hesitate to contact her. She may even supervise students from a distance.


  1. SHIT. I came across a truscum online. What to I do to debunk? Please email me and I will post what they said.


  2. J, you can contact me at

    I was engaged in some heavy discussions with truscum over at tumblr for a while (before they got afraid/tired of me.) I have included links to some of those blog posts over here. (Scroll down a bit to get to the section on truscum.

    See also my post on this blog: Truscum and the Transgender War of Words.


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