March 8, 2010

Looking for a new name for the blog

Those of you who have read my posts on the DSM-V, will understand that I am getting to the point where the word "autogynephilia" has become too difficult to use in the title of the blog.

Up till now I have called it "Confessions of an Autogynephiliac".

As I have noted before I recognize that "autogynephiliacs" exist (i.e. men who get aroused by the idea of becoming women). This blog is, after all, for them.

The fact that Ray Blanchard made this term helped me gain a better understanding of myself, and I am grateful for that. Hopefully my use of the term has also helped others.

The problem is, however, that the term carry a lot of baggage I would like to leave behind.
  • The "auto" of autogynephilia points to the "self" in "loving one self as a woman". I know for a fact that "AGPs" are capable of loving real women. I do so myself.
  • I do not accept that autogynephiliacs are "paraphiliacs". The erotic fantasies are most likely the result of an underlying gender identity or a combination of biological and psychological factors. Blanchard has no explanation for his "target location error" theory, and it does not capture the complexity of the experience of being a "crossdreamer".
  • I know for a fact that autogynephilia is not something that appears at puberty. It cannot therefore be reduced to a mere sexual phenomenon, or at least no more so than any other gender expression.
  • It makes no sense to have a term that only applies to biological men, when we know that there are female to male crossdressers and "crossdreamers" as well. Blanchard's reluctance to include F2M transmen pretty much proves that he is caught up in gender stereotypes.
  • The autogynephilia theory is reductionist to the point of becoming absurd. Sexuality and gender identity involves many more factors than a binary system of sexual orientation.
So I need a new name for my blog. Do you have any suggestions? It should preferably be a name that tells my visitors what the blog is about.


  1. "fantasies crossing over"
    "dreaming about the other sex"
    "I'm the other gender.. in bed" fortune cookie reference

  2. Or "Somniare Anima Femina"

    To Dream Of A Female Soul

  3. Actually I like "Anima Femina" on its own; seems to sum up how most of us feel.

  4. Many good proposals here! Keep'em coming!

    And you Chris, has really followed up on my Jung comment :-)

  5. I liked the word Confessions, it fit.
    So what about "Confessions of the Mind and Body"

  6. Why yes, yes I did :)

    I've learned so much here Jack; I think you and your blog are absolutely brilliant.

    BTW, that is "Christine" in my profile pic. My expression of Anima Femina

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