March 11, 2010

Radio show on Michael Bailey's book on transsexualism

In 2002 J. Michael Bailey published a book on transsexualism and autogynephilia called The Man Who Would Be Queen.

It is not really a scientific work, more of a popularization really. It was, and continues to be, very controversial.

I am not going to repeat my own arguments with the theory of Bailey's here, but point you to a 2007 radio show over at the San Francisco public KQED radio.

The guests are:

TS Roadmap has a transcript of the show.


  1. It was good to finally hear all sides of this so we could all get a clearer picture of what the controversy is all about.

    Bailey seems like he honestly tried to write the best book he could with what knowledge he gathered, and wrote his opinion (not fact). If you want to attack someone, attack Ray Blanchard (who essentially defines roles).

    However, making generalizations about gay men, and that transexuals might be best suited for prostitutes is not something you want to write unless you want a big group mad at you. I'm also curious how many people he actually interviewed to base his opinion.

  2. Attacking Blanchard is the very worst, wrong thing to do... he is merely a scientist, exploring the world, trying to make sense of it. It is those who have attacked him, who have put words into his mouth. He never, "defined roles"... he described phenomena he observed, which many others had observed before him, tested certain hypothesis, made certain predictions (as all good scientists need to do, so that a theory can be developed and tested) and published his findings. I've read his work. It is on solid ground. It is those who do not want to face the easily observable correlation between autogynephilia, in all of its forms, and the desire and for some, eventuallity of seeking somatic feminization. He wasn't the first to note this... he isn't the last. The two type taxonomy is solid and the studies have been replicated.


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