March 15, 2011

New transgender discussion forum launched

In my post Planning a crossdreamer forum and chat site I asked you for input regarding the establishment of a new online discussion forum for crossdreamers (AKA "autogynephiliacs" / "autoandrophiliacs").

I am glad to announce that the new site has now been officially launched. It is called Crossdream Life, and I would very much like you to take a visit and leave a comment or two.

I know there already are forums that cover transgender issues and where it is possible to discuss crossdreaming with other crossdreamers.

But let us be honest about this: It is hard to be fully open about crossdreaming, even in a TG forum, given that there are quite a few transgender and transsexual men and women who do not know what this is. Moreover, some of them get all defensive when they find out.

Forums for TG erotica, like Rachel's Haven, are open, tolerant, and welcoming. Bless them! But their main focus is on the sharing of captions and stories. I guess there will also be crossdreamers who find the content of such sites, well... distracting.

Another reason for putting up such a site is actually found on this blog. I notice that there are many that have stories to tell, but who do not necessarily find a blog post that fit. Some discussions taking place at this blog therefore have no relevance to the topic of the post. I do not mind, but it seems to me that many of you deserve a place to start a discussion, without having to set up a blog of your own.

I would very much like to thank Jason Ikeda for establishing, setting up, designing, administering and editing the blog. He is the boss over at Crossdream Life!

Discuss crossdreamer and transgender issues!