January 1, 2008

A Reader's Guide to the Crossdreaming and "Autogynephilia" Blog

Crossdreamer and transgender resource directory
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This blog is about men who dream about having a female body, and women who dream about having a man's. Crossdreaming is actually much more common than you may think.This blog is for those who are trying to get to terms with such desires and others that might find the topic interesting.

Here are some essential blog posts to get you going:

What is crossdreaming?

Crossdreaming Described (Crossdreaming defined and described)

Discussions of crossdreaming (by some referred to as "autogynephilia")

What the sexual fantasies of non-transgender people tell us about the dreams of those who are trans

The Autogynephilia Theory Again... ( a post that gives you the gist of the argument)

More than one third of non-transgender people have had crossgender dreams and fantasies

On the inner femininity of crossdreamers (On the theory arguing that innate femininity in men can lead to feminine homosexuality, transsexualism or crossdreaming)

The cause of crossdreaming - an alternative model (A popular presentation of the Natalie/Molay model of sex and gender variation).

Crossdreaming ("autogynephilia") as something normal (The O'Keefe Model that states that such erotic dreams are quite common)

On Gilmartin's love shy men and male lesbians (On meek men who are afraid to approach the women they worship).

The female and male copulation instinct (A discussion on how different copulation instincts may not always follow sexual orientation)

On the inborn sex identity (Using the story of Viktor/Viktoria and David Reimer I argue that there definitely is such a thing as an inborn sex identity and that crossdreaming may have a biological core).

The Massey University Study of Transgender People (On Jamie Veale's approach to gender variance and crossdreaming)

The Transgender Carl Jung (Using the concepts of Jungian psychology to understand crossdreaming.)

Wife of an autogynephiliac asks for help (On discovering that your husband is a crossdreamer)

Crossdreaming ("autogynephilia") and loneliness (On how to find love and keep it)

On the sex life of crossdreamers (On how to integrate crossdreaming in a heterosexual relationship)

Crossdreamer love (When male to female and female to male crossdreamers meet)

Is there a cure for  crossdreaming ("autogynephilia" or "autoandrophilia")? (On various therapies that have been used in order to cure crossdreaming)

Sally Molay's collection of sites, books, articles and more for the partners of crossdreamers and transgender people

On female to male crossdreamers (girlfags and "autoandrophiliacs")

When women dream about being men

FTM Crossdreaming ("autoandrophilia), on women who fantasize about having a man's body. (Some doubt that they even exist, but I know that there are quite a few women out there that dream about being a man in a sexual relationship with a man).

The transgender Kama Sutra (Is crossdreaming a product of modern Western civilization or is it ubiquitous? The presence  of female to male crossdreamers in the Kama Sutra tells us that there are crossdreamers everywhere and everywhen).

The Yaoi Culture and the female to male crossdreamers  (The female to male crossdreamers or "girlfags" are hiding in plain sight, expressing their transgender lives through Japanes style comics and stories.)

Ray Blanchard and the missing girlfag (On how Ray Blanchard proposed to include "autoandrophilia" in the American Psychiatric Manual, while at the same time denying the existence of female to male crossdreamers)

There are also a couple of blogposts over at my XD Express blog that might be of interest:

The autogynephilia theory

The term autogynephilia was introduced by the psychologist Ray Blanchard. He defined it as "a man's paraphilic tendency to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself as a female". Crossdreamers do definitely exist, but his explanation of the phenomenon is problematic, to say the least. The following posts discuss the theory in a critical way:

Autogynephilia on a Napkin (A popular illustrated presentation of the topic)

Autogynephilia dismissed (The main arguments against the theory)

Autogynephilia defined (A presentation of Anne Lawrence and her use of the term autogynephilia)

Autogynephilia: The Dark Side (On why the autogynephilia theory meets so much resistance in transgender circles)

Beyond the Perversion (More in depth discussion of the Blanchard theory)

More than one third of non-transgender people have had crossgender dreams and fantasies

The political and cultural conflicts

Transphobic propaganda and the myths of desitance and regret (with reference to TERFs and right wing anti-trans propaganda)

The Harry Benjamin Syndrome (on how a group of transsexual women tried to invalidate other trans people)

On lesbians, transgender people and feminism (my response to a "trans exclusionary radical feminist" on the role of trans people in feminism).

Truscum and the Transgender War of Words (on a more recent tribe of transgender separatists)

What about non- and detransitioning transgender people?

On evolutionary biology

This series presents the views of biologist Joan Roughgarden and her social selection theory. Her approach represents a good alternative to the traditional binary approach to sex and gender.

Biological research


On the statistical differences between men and women (They are not as big as you think!)

Yes, there may be such a thing as an inborn sex identity! (Trans Express response regarding post-structuralist and radical feminist attempts at reducing sex identity to a socially constructed gender).

What Comic Book Hero Nemi Taught Me About Sex, Gender and Transgender

On the DSM-5 and ICD-11 health manuals and their transgender coverage

What the DSM-5 says about terms like transgender, transsexual and gender dysphoria

The WHO ICD-11 health manual removes transvestic fetishism. Being trans is no longer a mental illness.


The spiritual life of a crossdreamer (Many crossdreamers try to incorporate their crossdreaming into their religious and spiritual life)

Spellbound transgender (On myths and fairy tales used in self exploration)

Explanation of terms

Transgender and transsexual dictionary

A Creative Crossdreamer Vocabulary (A list of imaginary and not so imaginary words to describe the crossdreamer experience)

These are just a few of the blog posts on this site. Use the table of contents and the tags in the right hand column to find more.

Trans Express

Trans Express is my tumblr blog for quick responses to trans, girlfag and crossdreamer topics.

You will find a list of essential blog post of broader interest here!

The Survey

The Crossdreamer Survey of Gender Variance 2014

Crossdreamer and transgender resource directory
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