May 11, 2012

Are people becoming more tolerant of transgender?

Carmen Carrera as waitress
Now that Obama has come out in defense of same-sex marriage and a majority of Americans actually accepts homosexual relationships, it might look as if Western culture has reached a water shed as regards attitudes to what was once considered perversions threatening civilization itself.

I would guess that the fact that homosexuals have become visible, makes it much harder to keep up the idea that gay men are sex obsessed, child molesting, auto-erotic perverts, or that all lesbians can be cured by being taken by "a real man".

When the gay come out, the fact that they are complete human beings that cannot be defined by their sexual orientation becomes obvious.

The following TV program seems to indicate that this tolerance also encompasses transsexuals.

ABC is staging a transphobic scene in order to see how ordinary Americans may act, and they do -- in fact -- come to her defense.

It is interesting to note how men, who are supposed to be more prejudiced in this area, decides to defend Chris, the transgender waitress (played by Carmen Carrera,  at ranswomen who clearly identifies as "transgender".)

It was Cheryl who made me aware of this video, and she says that she would wish they would "repeat the experiment with a TS who did not pass or who was not good looking."

That would be interesting, as it would indicate if the tolerance also extends to those transwomen who cannot (or will not) live up to the feminine ideal of the day.

ABC article on the show.
Carmen Carrera on Facebook.


  1. Yes it would be interesting if the same experiment were done using a TS who was not passable. Our society is rather shallow and seems to value and reward looks. Perhaps there is instant admiration for a person who was born male but has turned themselves into a beautiful woman. "My God you were once a man, wow I would never know, your so pretty too.", result in a sense of protection and support of the person. But what if the general thought was, "My God, that's a man dressed up over there. I wonder if he is collecting for charity, Oh I feel so embarrassed by him"?

    I would truly hope that in any hostile situation personal appearance who not take priority over the situation.

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  3. It would be interesting to see what would happen if you had someone that was TS and was not passable how would people react to that.

  4. @Thorin

    "I personally don't think it is right for people to get sex reassignment surgery, but I would still call someone out like him for acting like a jerk."

    I understand, but that is still a long step away from burning transgender at the stake (the end fate of Jean d'Arc) or beating them up.

    In other words: Even if the men who defend the transgender woman does not believe a sex change is the right thing to do, they still treat her as a human being. That is important.


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