May 17, 2017

The Kiel Transgender Film Festival 2017 - The Awards

The Kiel Transgender Festival Headquarters
(photo by the festival)
Here are the awards from this year's Transgender Film Festival
in Kiel, Germany.

Movies gives transgender people a human face and makes it harder to turn them into stereotypes.

This applies to all: Those who transition and those who do not. Drag queens and crossdressers. Gender variant kids and those who have lived for a while.

It seems to me this year's transgender film festival in Kiel has managed to capture the breadth of the transgender community.

Best Film of the Year: 

Ekaj by Cati Gonzalez

Best Trans-Performance:

Jonny Beauchamp in Thirsty. 

Elle Fanning in Three Generations 
Thirsty (facebook)

Best Actress (non-tg-role):

Naomi Watts in Three Generations.

Beste Actor (non-tg-role):

Badd Idea in Ekaj.

Best long Documentary:

Lucy by Melinte Reitzema

Best Song:

"All that I am" by Nicky Egan in film Thirsty.

Best Short Film:

Princess by Karsten Dahlem

Best Trans-Performance in a Short Film:

Phillip Breu in Princess.

Best actor in a Short Film (non-tg-role):

Marc Benjamin Puch in The Wedding Patrol.

Best actress in a Short Film (non-tg-role):

Ava Taremizad in Princess.

Best short documentary:

Lip Sync 1000 by Joseph Wilson

Best Poster:


Best Website for a Film:

Transit Havana.

Best Music Video:

"Hum Hain Happy" by 6 Pack Band

The festival also presents awards for erotic entertainment. 

Transgender Film Festival on Facebook.

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