April 18, 2019

Left-Hander in London

We know that facts and logic may not be enough to help bridge the divide between LGBTQ people (especially transgender) and some people. There is also a place for humor and music to help facilitate understand and discussion. This is where I believe I can help.

Guest post by JJ Marie Gufreda

JJ Marie Gufreda (JJ) is the author of Left-Hander in London:  A Field Guide to Transgenders, Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals - In the Family, On the Job and In the Pew and  a playwright and performer. (Private photo).
I’ve been focusing my marketing and development on two areas - doing my show for as many people as possible, and helping companies improve their Diversity and Inclusion initiatives.


  • How do we improve relationships during these times when people can be so divided?
  • How do we help people deal with corporate or organizational diversity and inclusion initiatives (especially when they might personally disagree with the corporate direction)?
  • How can we have fun learning about diversity using humor and music?
  • How can we facilitate discussion about subjects that may be difficult to talk about?
  • How can we move from intolerance to tolerance to acceptance to actually Enjoying Diversity?

I believe that I have a mechanism (the show - Left-Hander in London - The Earthquake) and the experience to help people learn about diversity as well as understand reasons for businesses, groups and individuals to value diversity.

I have been a consultant for 35 years, and have helped companies through organizational change — doing assessments, facilitating group discussions, developing vision and strategies and improving processes.

These experiences and applying what I have learned advocating for LGBT people at the Indiana Statehouse, serving as the President of the Indy Rainbow Chamber of Commerce and writing and speaking about my book, Left-Hander in London - A Field Guide to Transgenders, Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals –  In the Family, On the Job and In the Pews gives me unique experience to educate, entertain and to make diversity real.

Yes, I am proposing the show as education. It is more fun than doing a class or giving a speech!

I am looking for:
  • People and organizations that will help me find opportunities and audiences for the show and where I can use my consulting experience to help people improve.
  • People that already advocate for minorities and diversity to help me connect with companies and organizations to find ways to spread the show and use the show as part of a Diversity Consulting offering.
  • Companies that want to improve their culture through their diversity initiatives and improve the bottom line because they value diversity.
  • Opportunities to connect with people that already value diversity, people that are ambivalent about it, as well as people that are anti-diversity and anti-minorities.
Check out these links for more information about me, consulting and the show:

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