March 14, 2011

Are all autogynephiliacs transwomen?

Rene has a great post on "What you need to do if you have autogynephilia" over at her "Living with autogynephilia" blog.

Renee goes straight to the point. Why are we crossdreamers?

Her answer:

"The reason you have autogynephilia is because you lack any other ability to express your femininity. It's the outlet that your 'inner girl' uses to relieve pressure. You may then ask yourself, 'Well Renee, then why don't all guys have autogynephilia? Don't all guys have a feminine side?' The answer to this is probably going to be hard to swallow, but: Not quite like you do. The fact is, that deep at your core you may desire to actually live as a woman."

Renee is actually arguing that many -- if not most -- male to female crossdreamers are transwomen.

I have previously pointed to studies of M"F crossdressers who indicate that only a quarter of them consider transitioning. Others have pointed out, however, that these answers may reflect the respondents' more realistic judgment of whether transitioning is possible given their life situation. Their hearts may be of a different opinion.

Renee writes:

"In the past few months, I'm yet to speak to any crossdreamer that is entirely confident in their portreyed gender identity. I've asked many of them the same question: 'If everything you knew and loved was destroyed in an earthquake tomorrow, would you pass up the opportunity to live as female if given the chance.' (I might further explain that it would be as a natural, attractive female so they don't confuse the intent of the message with something like living as a transexual.) In every case the answer is yes."

Renee argues that many crossdreamers only live as men because of how impossible it feels to become women, even the ones that initially claim that the buck stops at AGP ("autogynephilia" or crossdreaming).

Renee is telling me that she will discontinue this blog and start another one where she covers her own transition process. She will also be active in the upcoming new discussion forum for crossdreamers. Stay tuned!

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