April 25, 2011

XDSC: The Crossdreamer Science Circle

I know that most crossdreamers will neither have the time, background knowledge nor inclination needed to read all of the scientific articles out there that directly or indirectly may throw light upon the crossdreamer condition.

This is one of the reasons I try to popularize and discuss some of this research here. No one should feel obligated to go into all the details.

Some of you will be interested, however, and if you are, you will soon find that it is hard to get hold of the original peer reviewed papers.

If you do find them, they are often very expensive. A normal price these days is USD 35 per article. But then again, libraries are normally the only ones that buy them. Researchers then go to their libraries to borrow the literature.

I believe we need to discuss the science covering transgender and gender issues, partly because it may help us understand what causes crossdreaming, but also because science is used to stigmatize and dehumanize us. We need to know the research if we are to engage in a discussion with researchers, and tell them our version of the story.

In order to make the research more easily accessible to those who are willing to spend some time on researching the research, some of us have set up The Crossdreamer Science Circle over at Crossdream Life.

This part  of Crossdream Life is for those who want to read and comment on  relevant scientific material. You have to be a  member of Crossdream Life to get access to the XDSC Library, and you have to deliberately  sign up to the Circle by adding a comment in the XDSC discussion forum.

The literature that is made available in the library is not to be distributed outside the circle, and we will only add papers that have been legally obtained.

If you are interesting in reading some of the literature that has been covered by this blog, XDSC may help you find the relevant papers.

Discuss crossdreamer and transgender issues!