November 7, 2009

I Wish I Was a Girl

The Internet is a very interesting place, indeed. When searching for material to use in this blog, I came across a relevant question over at Is it Normal.

(Is it Normal? is a site where you can find out if other people think about your thoughts and your practices.)

The question goes like this:

"When I'm alone, I sometimes wish I was a girl. I'd want to do it just for the experience and answer the unknow questions about them. Then turn back, write a book, get rich."

To be honest, I think this person is looking for more than a new source of income. However, it is the answers that fascinates me. Yes, there are a few sane responses, but the hatred found among some of the others is disturbing:

One has a very practical approach. You can fix this:

"If you think you are a girl then you have a social problem or a psychological one like personality disorder. I suggest you seek professional help. It's amazing how fast they cure people. All you have to do is communicate your problem to them."

I have so far heard of no one who has been cured of such fantasies.

"Raptor Jesus" gets right to the point:

"I'll rape you either way"

That's interesting, as it means that this TG-hater subconsiously would consider having sex with a transwoman!

"Vagina King" is also pretty clear:

"Your a f**king crazy ass. Sounds like the only way you'll ever be happy is if you kill yourself."

Fortunately, the question also brought up some positive responses:

"I want to be a girl too! It would be easier to spend all my time around girls, I could do sleepovers and stuff, just imagine, sleeping at a hot girls house with like 10 other girls around all in pink pajamas and stuff, that would be awesome."


"My point is, its ok to live the other gender, this is 2009! Thats why people do these kind o things...there is nothing wrong with it...just have fun, enjoy who you are or wish to be on any given day and be safe. "

Fortunately, there were also some girls telling their stories:

"sh*t you made me feel like being a girl sucks :( but I think I would make a bad guy... I'd get boners in horrible places like funerals."

"Neuroticism" seems a little bit confused to me. I am not sure whether she is condemning or supporting:

"I would love to be a guy for a month, because I have penis envy. I want to know how they think, why they think so differently from us, why they think their role in life is worse than ours because they're forced to play the society's 'you're not a man if you...'

(Some men think that, not all).

It's just a perverse morbid curiousity that'll never be fulfilled. I'd have fantasties on it, my friend, but unless you want to, don't cross-dress. However, I take pride in men who cross dress because being a girl and wearing all that sh*t is just a hassel, it's not functional or practical (for me). Nothing wrong with it."

There is a similar question over at Yahoo! Answers, with much more constructive responses. It could be that Yahoo! is able to sort out the crackpots in a better way.

So what can we learn from this?

1. Cross-gender fantasies are highly controversial and may bring out hatred and disgust in some people.

2. Quite a few forum participants are open to the idea, and questions like these also lure transgendered people out in the open.

3. A lot of people are veeeery confused. To be expected, I suppose!

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