December 28, 2010

Transgenderisms 6

Another crossdreamer comic for you. Click on image to enlarge!


  1. Frankly I am a guy, and I don't always understand what men think. And why they think it.It brings up some interesting ideas thou.

  2. It is culture and conditioning of western world that actually causes one who is weak at heart to feel that they are opposite gender.

    Being soft spoken is feminine? Not really. Stereo typing someone based on behavior as one gender or the other is foolish. I could be nurturing and caring on one day and less so on other days and battling for one-upping other guys on certain other days.

    What more, assigning genders to colors is even more foolish and forcing(conditioning) someone (kids/adolescents) with a plain slate to THINK and BELIEVE they are not normal is a collective societal problem in the west. And some individuals have so much hard time figuring out which "gender" they belong to and to "FIT in". This is the real problem this country need to address instead of foolishly stereotyping some as feminine or masculine.

    It is even more weird to write books and do psychoanalysis on those not conforming to society standards. It could be argued that doing psychoanalysis on the societal ways itself may be really the solution.

    A mad guy will cease to be mad as soon as he finds strength in numbers of similar type.

  3. To anonymous,

    It seems to me that most of what we think of as gender stereotypes are exactly that: Stereotypes. There is as much diversity among women as there is among men as regards psychological traits, and a man may have more in common with a woman than another man.

    At the moment I must say that the only truly biological factors that differ between them is (1) body mass/muscular power and (2) child birth, but even these two are not absolute.

    There are many women that are larger and stronger than many men, and even men's hormone balance change with a newborn kid in the house.

    As soon as you get political and cultural gender equality (as in my Scandinavian home country), women and men start to express contra-sexual feelings and traits more freely. Women become bossy and affirmative, men more sensitive and caring, because they are allowed to.


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