Code of Conduct

The site follows the same Code of Conduct for comments and discussions as the Crossdream Life Forum.

1. Crossdream Life is a forum for crossdreamers (also know as autogynephiliacs and autoandrophiliacs), men and women who dream about having the body of the opposite sex and who get aroused by that thought. Among crossdreamers we find some (but not all) crossdressers, gender variant people of different types and transsexuals. Sexual orientation will vary among crossdreamers, as will personality types and the intensity of the crossdreaming condition. All are invited to take part in the discussions, as are family members, health professionals who respect gender diversity and others with an interest in relevant transgender issues.

2. The forum will include topics like- living as a crossdreamer, health problems and therapies, relevant social and cultural topics, family issues, life stories, crossdressing, transitioning, on- and offline resources, theories trying to explain the cause of crossdreaming, other research of relevance and other related issues.

3. This is not a forum for the creation and distribution of transgender erotic stories, captions or movies. There are a large number of sites, blogs and forums that allow for this, and Crossdream Life is not set up to duplicate these efforts. Discussions on the role of erotica in crossdreamers' life are permitted, as are discussions on the meaning of the various themes of transgender erotic fiction.

4. People who want to ridicule or stigmatize crossdreamers in particular and trangender people in general are not welcome. This is a forum for understanding and support, not for the creation of more antagonism.

5. The tone should be civil and courteous. Participants should treat others with the same respect as they require and expect from others. Given the nature of the topic, explicit language and strong emotional venting is -- within reasonable limits -- permitted.

6. Posting libellous or malicious material is not permitted.

7. "Outing," i.e. revealing the name or contact details of individuals who post anonymously , is not permitted.

8. The moderators have the permission to edit offensive posts and replies if needed. Edits should be made visible for other readers. Participant who repeatedly break the code of conduct will be banned from the forum.

9. Spam will be removed and spammers will immediately be banned from further posting.

10. It is to be understood that advice given in the discussions of this forum is personal in nature. People do not post in the capacity of being health professionals or legal experts, even when they do have the necessary credentials in offline life. Participants are encouraged to seek professional help outside these forums when needed.

11. The working language is English, but the forum is open from people of all nationalities.

Please keep in mind that there is a 4096 character limit for comments. If you plan to write a long comment, do so in a text editor, then cut and paste your comment into the text field, before clicking on Submit. In any case copy your comment into memory (ctrl+c) before submitting your comment, just in case something goes wrong.


  1. It might be nice to mention that there is a 4096 character limit (4 KiB) on the length of comments--the Blogger posting software tells visitors about this only after they have wasted their time and energy writing something that was too long. :(

  2. Good point. Done!

    When I comment on other blogs, I always copy the text into memory (CTRL+C) before hitting the submit button, just in case.

  3. Alo Jack

    Começei a ler o blog, ja estava desejando ler ha muito tempo
    mas dessa vez , estou estudando o assunto...
    Meu desejo crossdreamer me leva a querer entender essa gostosa loucura..

    Fico agradecida pela oportunidade de aprendizado..

    beijos e abraços a todos


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