The Crossdreamer Survey on Gender Variance, Index of Posts

The Crossdreamer Survey on Gender Variance was carried out in late August 2014 and aimed at generating new insight into the lives and beliefs of people who fall outside the traditional gender norms.

Here are the posts and articles that have been posted so far:

The Crossdreamer Survey of Gender Variance, some preliminary results.
This blog post presents some basic data regarding the respondents, including age, gender assigned at birth, and gender identification.

Strong support for broad transgender and LGBT alliances found among gender variant people
This preliminary presentation shows that between 89 and 97 percent of the respondents supports a broad transgender alliance.

What trans and genderqueer people think about the origins of gender variance
56% of respondents believe that their sexuality and/or identity is created by a complex interaction of factors, social and biological included.


Article on methodological issues.
This post discusses fundamental methodological choices, and how they may influence our interpretation of the data.

The original invite with discussion (Crossdreamers)
The original invite with comments (tumblr)

Other relevant surveys

The 1972 and 1992 survey of crossdressers
The Richard F. Docter  and Virginia Prince surrveys of MTF crossdressers.

The Vernon Coleman study of Crossdressers

The Jaimie Veale studies of transgender people
New Study Dismisses the Autogynephilia Approach to Transgender
Jaimie Veale's study of gender variant people throw new light upon crossdreamers
The Massey University Study of Transgender People

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