June 6, 2012

Falling in love with your own anima

Betty Boop falls in love
There i an interesting parallel between Carl Jung's anima-theory (that each man has an unconscious feminine side) and Ray Blanchard's autogynephilia-theory (that some men get aroused by the idea of having a woman's body).

A man will repress not only associated with what he and his culture considers the negative nature of woman, Jung argues. His anima will also be projected onto other women.

His unconscious misogyny may, for instance,  turn many of the women he meets  into stupid airheads.

But he will also project his inner ideal woman, i.e. the image of the beautiful, loving, merciful and perfect woman.

As Jung points out in this clip from an interview, the man projects his own feminine side onto a woman, and then falls head over heals in love with her!

Yes, according to Jung infatuated love is indeed autoerotic, but unlike Ray Blanchard  -- who believes that it is only the "autogynephilac" who can fall in love with the image of himself as a woman,  Jung believes this applies to all men.

At this point it becomes, of course, meaningless to label this as a sexual perversion.

Deborah speaks out

Deborah Kate made the following comment to my blog post on Jung's anima and animus:

"The crossdreamer owns their feminine side, rather than projects it out on to women."

Indeed, there are male to female crossdreamers who report that they have not experienced the infatuating kind of love madness.

They do love women, and probably more than most men. They have also loved individual women, being those friends, partners or wives. But they have not experienced that crazy possession like feeling of being enthralled by woman they barely know.

Could it be that they do not project their inner woman, because they already know her?

Infatuation is not a law

I am sure that there are those that will take this as another proof of crossdreamers being perverts. They would probably argue that men are supposed to be bewitched by women, and that any man that does not is evolutionary inferior.

I seriously doubt that.

Not only is the romantic falling in love kind of crush a cultural phenomenon (it appeared in Europe in the middle ages as a reinterpretation of the mystical love between God and a man's soul). It is also frowned upon i cultures where your obligations to your family surpasses your obligations to yourself.

Anima and the body

All right, but could it be that crossdreamers are projecting their own anima onto their own body instead of a real woman out there?

I doubt that very much.

The infatuation found in the crazy kind of love always passes when the real woman behind the projection is revealed. And that always happens because of the wear and tear of real life. Then the infatuation in turned into an appreciation of the real woman, or it dies.

The crossdreamers know far to well that their own inner or outer woman rarely lives up to the women of their fantasies.

Besides, most male to female crossdreamers actually do fall crazy in love -- with other women, out there. And those that don't... well... maybe they know more about what it means to be a woman than their enemies would like to believe.

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