July 29, 2016

The Pseudo-Science of Autogynephilia

Lisa Mullin, trans woman and trans activist, has actively documented how the so-called "autogynephilia" theory of Ray Blanchard, J. Michael Bailey and Anne Lawrence has been used to invalidate the identities of transgender people, even if the theory is bad science based on debunked stereotypes. 
Lili Elbe, "The Danish Girl", would have to be classified
as an "autoygnephiliac" according to the Blancahrdian
system, which means that she will look masculine
 and have male mannerisms. The fact that none of this
is true, means nothing to the AGP supporters.

In this guest post Lisa gives a clear and succinct summary of "AGP" absurdities.

By Guest Writer Lisa Mullin

Be prepared for sarcasm, but the following is actually all based on what Ray Blanchard, Alice Dreger, J. Michael Bailey etc have stated.

'Autogynephilia' (AGP) is an mysterious ailment with strange symptoms and effects: It is only about sexual desires, no human being (cis or trans) has a gender identity.

Everything an AGP trans woman does is motivated by sex; if  she want to go to a bathroom it is not because they want to pee -- it is only for sexual reasons.

97% to 99% of trans women have it; the rest are just sex mad gay men obsessed about having lots of sex with large numbers of straight men and are "particularly well suited to prostitution". These trans women "shoplift" a lot.


Ray Blanchard's stigmatizing autogynephilia concept (meaning "to love of oneself as a woman") refers to the idea that male to female transgender people (crossdressers and trans women included) who are attracted to women are suffering from a sexual perversion: 

"a man's paraphilic tendency to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself as a woman." (1) 

All other trans women are effeminate gay men, according to Blanchard & Co.
If you deny having autogynephilia, it means you have it.

AGP applies to any trans women 'coming out' after puberty starts -- yes, you are an AGP ‘pervert’ at 12.

'EVERY' female attracted trans woman (no matter by how little or how seldom) has it.

'EVERY' trans woman who has had sex with a woman, even if they were (like many gay men) in the closet, trying to be straight and didn't even like it, has it.

If you were NEVER attracted to women, not even once, and were only ever attracted to males but 'came out' as trans after puberty started, you are really AGP (and a 'pseudo' gay).

The condition distorts memories and makes people believe they had trans feelings as a child; no AGP person has ever had trans feelings as a kid.

It distorts memories in trans women to make them believe they never got sexually aroused at 'purely' thinking they were a woman, they always do.

If a trans woman gets aroused at the thought of having sex with someone else, their mind is being distorted and it is really just about them about being self aroused at being a woman.

Female to male trans men can never have it.

Women (straight or lesbian) can never have it.

Gay men can never have it, so if a gay man transitions they don't have it.

Trans women who start life as a gay men and have a positive AGP score are really straight as they are 'pseudo gays'.

Asexual trans women have it, even though they have no sexual interest in anything else.

AGP causes all asexuality in trans women.

A single occurrence in your life means you always have it (even if it was 50 years ago and you were 12 and drunk).

It causes all bisexualty in trans women

Cis bisexual men are all really gay, but bisexual trans women are all really straight (relative to birth sex) and hence have AGP.

Unlike any other sexual paraphilia reducing the sex drive (by using T blockers) does not affect it.

Castration does not affect it.

Removal of penis does not affect it.

It causes, or is caused by (the literature is confused),  transvestic fetishism.

Trans women who deny having it are lying.

EVERY trans kid is really an ’effeminate’ gay man or a ‘butch’ lesbian, if they are natal male and female attracted then they are really AGP and not a trans kid.

If they are natal female and male attracted then we don't talk about that.

Some argue that AGP can start before puberty and before any sexual feelings. Yes, some trans people must really be 'born' with AGP.

J. Michael Bailey, the Donald Trump of sexology, argues that a
man loving trans woman 's "...ability to enjoy emotionally
meaningless sex appears male-typical.  In this sense, homosexual
transsexuals might be especially well-suited to prostitution." Bailey
gets turned on by such women, but find AGP trans women
unattractive. And yes he calls trans women who loves
men "homosexual". All in the name of "science".

Wait, there is more:

Some  supporters of the theory argue that autogynephilia is far, far more than a sexual paraphilia, but an AGP person forms a 'love bond' with their female identity, similar as to how heterosexual men love their wives. Yes, AGP trans women 'pair bond' with an imaginary person created by themselves.

Every trans activist has AGP -- even trans kids like Jazz Jennings. By definition (it seems) being an activist is a symptom of AGP. Non-AGP trans women are all too busy having sex with straight men for money and painting their nails to be activists.

The definition of AGP is so broad that if you applied it to others then:
  • Most cis women would not be classified as ‘really’ female.
  • Many gay men would not be classified as ‘really’ gay but as ‘pseudo’ gays.
  • Many lesbians would not be classified as ‘really’ lesbian but as ‘pseudo’ lesbians.
Proponents of AGP are telepathic and can read trans women's minds and diagnose them with AGP, even from the other side of the world. They have no need for tiresome counselling to determine peoples' thoughts and feelings, a single look at a magazine picture is enough for them to be 100% correct in their diagnosis.

If a bisexual trans woman wants to have sex with a man, the proponents read their mind and can tell that they are not really attracted to the man at all, they are just having an AGP fantasy.

AGP proponents have no need for the normal rules of experimentation, science, logic and statistics. A weak (and questionable) correlation using an incorrect statistical test on a dodgy sample is turned into a ‘100% causality’ by them.

Rules about circular logic do not apply to them, such as ‘trans women's bisexuality is caused by AGP, they are AGP because they are bisexual’.

Occam’s Razor is a quaint affectation to them: AGP now has multiple types, multiple causes with whole new categories being created such as ‘pseudo bisexuality’ or ‘pseudo homosexuality’ or ‘self pair bonding’ ….

Wow, what a condition! We need more work on this unique, like no other sex (or anything actually) related condition in the world...

Then again you could just treat it as stigmatising pseudo-scientific claptrap created to fulfill an ideology originally invented to 'cure sissy boys' of homosexuality, now extended into an anti-trans woman dogma used by social/religious conservatives to argue for the banning of medical support and their total social and legal elimination.

Jack's comment:

For those who do not know the autogynephilia debate, please note that this blog post is dripping with irony. The so-called "facts" presented by Blanchard & Co have all been debunked. The only thing we all agree on, is that transgender people may get excited by the idea of having sex as their target gender. How can they not?

For more on the autogynephilia debate, see:

For references, see:

(1) Blanchard, R. (1989). "The concept of autogynephilia and the typology of male gender dysphoria". The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 177 (10): 616–623.

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