August 10, 2011

Invitation to take part in a transgender/gender identity study

I got the following request for  transgender to part in a study on gender identity via the Trans-Academics mailing list. The research is done by Andy Bauerband, a graduate student at Towson University in the US.

He is in specifically looking for individuals who identify along the transfeminine spectrum (i.e. who identify as female.)

Hi Everyone,

I am a member of the transgender community, and graduate student in experimental psychology at Towson University. I am conducting research on thoughts about gender identity for my Master’s thesis, and currently recruiting people to take an online survey. To participate you must be 18 years or older and identify as transgender (this includes anyone who considers themselves on the transgender spectrum).

Study information:

A transgender person’s thoughts about their gender identity may help researchers understand ways in which a transgender person conceptualizes and processes their identity. This study seeks to
develop a way for researchers to reliably interpret differences in how a person views their gender identity. The online survey takes about 15-20 minutes to complete and asks you to rate how often you think about certain things. This study has been approved by Towson University's Institution Review Board for the protection of human participants.

Please follow the link below to complete the survey and feel free to pass this link along to any friends who you think may be interested!


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