October 4, 2016

The Crossdreamer Portal gets its own domain

This blog has several sister sites, one of which is the Crossdreamer Portal.
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I have gathered links and feeds to a lot of blogs and sites that cover crossdreamers and transgender issues.

Unfortunately it has, for historical reasons, been presented under the rather unfortunate URL: autogynephilia.blogspot.com.

It made sense to use that address at the time, as most crossdreamers would find crossdreamer sites by searching for "autogynephilia".

However, I am no longer able to live with the fact that the URL refers to this toxic, transphobic, theory.

From today on you will find The Crossdreamer Portal over at crossdreamers.org!  

(The old URL will continue to work).

1 comment:

  1. good on you Jack! the less we use that pseudoscientific term the faster we help it to disappear from the lexicon...


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