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Some post on the topic of girlfags from Trans Express.

The term "girlfag" is a controversial one. It was coined in a time when the gay male community made use of the word "fag hag" (a cis, straight, woman who liked to be around gay men), so one section of the larger LGBTQA community decided to coin the term "girlfag" for those assigned female who felt some kind of erotic or romantic affinity to gay male men.
Janet Hardy has written the book Girlfag, A Life Told in Sex and Musicals

The parallel male to female term is "guydyke". None of the terms have aged well, but the feelings and the identities of those behind them are as real as ever.

In fantasies, art and fiction girlfags will identify with gay men who love gay men (like in yaoi and slash fiction and comics) Many girlfags look at themselves as cisgender straight women for whom these fantasies as a natural part of their gender-crossing sexuality. At the other end of the spectrum, you will find gay transgender men.

Here are some of the posts on Trans Express that cover this topic.
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