December 13, 2009

Samantha Zero on Autogynephilia

I have already presented Mr. A's vlog over at YouTube. He is discussing how he is handling this condition with his viewers, changing his understanding of autogynephilia in the process.

Samantha Zero, an M2F American living in Denmark, has responded to one of his videos with this interesting comment.

UPDATE: Samantha has now taken down this video. Too bad. It was really helpful!


  1. It's very interesting to see an X-autogynephiliac who goes through transition. Im young still but it deffinately makes me rethink my future plans for dealing with this. There are many possibilities.

  2. what a great response, and once again it re-enforces the notion that your head (fantasy) and gender (genitals) are two very different things. You can be a woman in your head, while having sex as a man. It's very confusing to split the two, but it's the way some of us are.


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