March 12, 2010

Confessions of an Autogynephiliac

Thank you for all your suggestions for a new name for this blog!

"Confession of an Autogynephiliac" has now become "Crossdreamers". This name was suggested by tg_captioner and others.

If I am to untangle myself from all the negative connotations following the autogynephilia term, I need to make sure that the alternative term is clearly communicated.

I have also had emails arguing that the "crossdreamer" term is useful. It covers all men who have erotic fantasies of feminisation and having a woman's body.

I will follow up on Chris' proposal with posts on "the Anima". I think the Jungian concept is very useful for our purposes.

Several of you, including Isobelle, have argued that I should keep the "Confession" bit, as it makes the blog more intimate and personal.

Others, however, have pointed out that the word "confessions" indicate that I have a sin to confess, and since crossdreaming is a natural phenomenon that is giving the world the wrong message. That is a good point!

Discuss crossdreamer and transgender issues!