August 24, 2011

Girlfags and Guydykes, Unite!

Over at Crossdream Life, Sahar has announced a new social network where female to male and male to female crossdreamers may hook up. It is called the Girlfag/Guydyke Social Network.

I realize that some find terms like "girlfag" and "gydyke" offensive, but as long as people do identify with them I guess they are all right.

In any case,  they are much less offensive than the clinical terms"autoandrophilia" and "autogynephilia", which reduce both male and female bodied crossdreamers to self-absorbed wankers.

Female to male crossdreamers

Girlfags are like the counterpart to male to female crossdreamers.

While male to female crossdreamers dream about taking the woman's role while having sex, the girlfags want to be the proactive and dominating man.

Like most male to female crossdreamers, they are attracted to the sex opposite to their birth sex. Even if they may have a lot in common with lesbians, they are attracted to men.

Sahar puts it this way:

"Most of them want to be the penetrator, and one said to me that she feels protective over her feminine male partner. They all seem conflicted like us [male to female crossdreamers], but they have some crazy similarities to my rowing very male guy friends, in the way they talk, the way they speak about a guy's body, how they share videos and pics of hot feminine men. They really seem like females with a very male sexuality but also enjoy very feminine interests. But lastly many are very organised, they talk of giving us a flag/sign for girlfags/boydykes. And one is now developing a social platform site for us all to join. "

The following paragraph gives you an impression on how a girlfag may describe this. She wonders whether she is a drag-queen with dick-envy trapped in the body of a biological female:

"But realistically, I worried that I wouldn't be taken seriously if I came out as a femme FTM. Most of the FTM transsexuals I knew at that time cultivated big muscles and facial hair in order to look as butch as possible, and while I felt like a guy, I felt like a femme guy. The men I felt most attracted to wore skirts and eyeliner, so why couldn't I? And even if I did change my physical sex, there was no guarantee I would be accepted in the gay male community as an equal."

Defining girlfags and guydykes

In the case of the new forum, the founder, Allie, refers to a Wikipedia definition that says that a girlfag refers to a biologically female individual who feels a strong romantic or erotic attraction towards gay or bisexual men, while a guydyke refers to a biologically male person who feels a strong romantic or erotic attraction towards lesbian and bisexual women.

This is a slightly more narrow definition than the one I have used here earlier. And if this was all that was to it, there would be no point in having a forum for them to meet. They would for all practical purposes have nothing in common. A girlfag would not get much sexual traction from a gay man.

She could easily find a  partner among male to female crossdreamers, however.

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