October 9, 2016

Female to male crossdreaming - the Max Wolf Valerio story

Crossdreaming is often considered something that male to female crossdressers engage in only.
Dreaming of becoming Thor.
Drawn by Jack Kirby.
It is the sexual arousal that gives them away. Apparently regular straight women or trans men do not get those kind of feelings. It has been described as a kind of misdirected straight male sexuality.

I believe I have documented quite thoroughly on this blog this that crossdreaming -- i.e. getting excited by imagining yourself as "the other sex" or your target sex -- is quite common among a lot of transgender and queer people, including female to male transgender people, lesbians,  gay men and homosexual trans men (i.e. trans men who love men).

I am currently reading the fascinating book The Testosterone Files, by Max Wolf Valerio, a female to male heterosexual transsexual. Max started out presenting as a lesbian woman, and loves women.

The book gives a fascinating glance into his exploration of his male identity and how he has to handle both stereotypical and not so stereotypical male behavior.

He also discusses the way testosterone therapy affected his psyche. Most of the life stories from FTM trans men point in the same direction: The testosterone does not change their identity, but it does affect the way they experience the world. As Max sees it, biology definitely plays a role in gender identity development.

Max Wolf Valerio, photo by Valentino Vecchietti.
Max also tells a story about crossdreaming (even if he does not use this word).

As for many male to female crossdreamers, his sexual fantasies of being his target sex is colored by popular culture, in his case comic books.

He was the only "girl" around trading Thor, Fantastic Four, The X-Men, Spiderman and The Incredible Hulk.
"I want to look like these superheroes -- muscular, svelte, great in tights and a synthetic bodysuit! I spend hours drawing their perfect, well-muscled forms, contemplating with awe what it would be like to possess their agility, speed, fantastic legs, and great biceps. It's the same excitement that I'll feel overtake me when I run across ads in magazines where a confident, brawny muscleman tells all the ninety-nine-pound weaklings of the world that they can get great bodies and wow the chicks. How could I have that? There must be a way. I want it so much I could burst. 
"And I look and dream, counting up my allowance to that I can send away for one of those muscle-building manuals. I'm not completely aware that I'm in actuality -- a little girl. A girl with long, thin legs and cat's eye glasses, transforming herself into a muscleman in her imagination. The possibility feels so real, I barely realize I'm imagining it."
This is the perfect mirror fantasy of a male to female crossdreamer. (I remember vividly dreaming about being Supergirl!) These fantasies represent the awakening of Max' male identity.

In other words: Crossdreaming is found in all trans and queer subgroups. It is not an effect of a misdirected "straight male sexuality." It is, rather, and expression of a real  and strong cross-gender identification.

That does not mean that all of them are transsexual (in the sense of wanting or needing to transition), but they have this in common, which tells me that we are not talking about distinct categories here, but continuums.

By the way: Max did get the body he longed for.

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 Max Valerio reads his poem Nocturnal Pump.

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