November 17, 2015

Crossdream Life Forum Moves to a New Home

The Crossdream Life forum has moved over to a new address.

You can find the new forum over at

The reason for the move is simple: We do not have the resources needed to run our own bulletin board system on our own server.

We have therefore outsourced the technical part to Lefora.

I am afraid old members will have to sign up again to the new forum. But in return they get some nifty new features, like video embedding, chat, skins for personal home page, polls, photo albums and more.

The old site will be kept  as an archive for the time being.

Sign up for the new Crossdream Life forum today!

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  1. Not working . . .

    And if impossible to follow moves, you will lose audience. Blogger seems dysfucktional (sic)

  2. I've had no problem with Blogger at all...

  3. The new forum is hosted on Lefora.

    I am afraid there was no way we could move the user database from the old forum over to the new.

    If you want to follow this blog, there are different ways of doing this. You can sign up for email alerts, or join this site with Google Friend Connect or subscribe to the RSS feed (all found in the right hand column).

  4. lefora seems to be down...

  5. Thanks for listing my blog, Allison Wunderland's Transcend Dance . . .

    Slowly here getting linked, up to speed, figuring out interface, provisional drafts . . .

  6. My name is not available. And since it's fundamental to my online ID, this creates huge issues.

    I don't want to publish, link, etc. as someone else. Just like I don't care to present as cis-M.

  7. Can't seem to sign up. The Captcha box doesn't work.


  8. OK -- We're not clear . . .

    Lefora seems to be hosting a "forum" which is different than the blogs hosted on We have been linking blog to blog, just figured out Android bookmarks. We're navigating the blog links hit or miss -- but slowing learning, getting oriented, linked.

    Frustrating, insofar as I've set up a blog --

    And having my share of "issues" with the format, layout, publishing . . .

    Never mind that we're in the boonies, reliant upon a WiFi access through McDonald's, and Mickey disconnects the WiFi without telling us.

    We're learning, and a bit of a reactionary curmudgeon.

  9. Ohhhhhhhh yeah . . . Part of the navigation issues are ID. We're Allison and Xero Xero . . . which doesn't help with being cis-M, ontologically Female.

  10. If you are having difficulty with the "human control field" (captcha), try writing the text as one long word with no spaces.You might try removing periods and commas, as well.

    Captchas always pose a problem. Unfortunately they are necessary because of all the automatic spam-software out there.

    If you need to change the way your name is displayed in the forum after you have registered, send me a private message via the forum or email, including your current username in the email and the name you would like to see under your avatar. I will change it.

    It would obviously have been better if we could use the same log-on systems all over the web with the same user name, but that is the way the web was built, I'm afraid.

  11. Teleflora, or whatever . . .

    Can't sign in

    "Name not available"

    Pages not loading, cookies not working.


  12. Won't let me in

    Won't let me sign up

    Won't tell me who I am signed up as, but I am and it's a secret

    Moderately pissed off . . .

  13. Xero Xero, I am not sure why the system is so unkind to you, but I would like to find out, so that I can ask Lefora to do something about it.

    Could you send me an email (to so that we can sort this out?

    So much I know: You have been registered as a member, and you have been able to post seven posts so far.

    Your username is XeroXero.crossdreamlife You can also sign in using the email address you signed up with.

  14. And all the LINKS are to this page, this announcement.

    I'll be damned if I'm able to find a LINK to the FORUM.

  15. The forum can be found at this address:

    The new Crossdream Life forum is part of the Lefora collection of forums.

    You need to use your complete Lefora username to sign in. Your username is XeroXero.crossdreamlife. You have to include the whole text string, including the .crossdreamlife bit. I guess you are trying to log in as XeroXero.

    However, there is a much easier way to do this. Enter the email address you used to sign up with in the user name field. That will work too.

  16. Still learning to navigate here --

    Let's how about putting this link to the forum in either the sidebar or the header, so we don't need to scroll through the blog to find the forum?

    Just a thought.

  17. I see that I have forgotten to change the link to Crossdream Life forum in the right hand column. Sorry about that. The link now leads to

    Note also that you will find links to the latest active posts on both Crossdream Life and the reddit crossdreaming forum close to end of the right hand column.


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