July 24, 2010

Vloggers on autogynephilia: TransInsight

I have already presented a few YouTube vloggers discussing transgender issues. I am going to present a few, not because I necessarily agree with everything they say, but because they discuss autogynephilia and crossdreaming in an interesting way.

I'll start out with TransInsight:

The question is: How should transsexuals who have crossdressed cope with having feminization fantasies?


  1. I'll agree with most everything said (people must seperate sex and gender to all end, transexuals are not transvestites, transgender is not a disease that can be cured, many doctors just want to sell snakeoil). I also agree that if you transition, you don't HAVE to conform to that gender by adding a wig, but it sure helps to blend in. Even a Genetical girl with short hair gets questioned (is she a lesbo?). Of course that's not to say you should have long hair so you don't, wear it the way you want, but be ready to deal with consequences.

    And also, don't "SCREW AUTOGYNAPHELIA", we have rights too.

  2. All very nicely said. AND she has a cat and a dog! :)

    (I like the idea that guys who masturbate are therefore gay, though, actually. Just imagine what it would mean!)

    I think when she says "screw autogynephilia", she really means "screw the judgemental BS of the guy who coined the word", not anything about the people that the word might apply to...


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