October 24, 2010

Strong resistance against proposed paraphilias in the DSM-5

The Forensic Psychology Blog reports that several of the proposed new paraphilias (perversions) that are included in the proposal for the next edition of the American Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders(DSM-5) were rejected in a symbolic vote at the end of a debate at the annual meeting of the American Association of Psychiatry and Law (AAPL) in Tucson, Arizona.

The participants of this meeting sent a clear message to the DSM-5 developers: The proposed paraphilias, Paraphilic Coercive Disorder, Pedohebephilia, and Hypersexual Disorder, should not be included.

The main arguments are that all three proposed diagnoses lack a sufficient scientific basis and that they are highly likely to be misused in the forensic context, the primary site for their application.

The meeting did not vote on autogynephilia, probably because this diagnosis does not have the same legal ramifications.

It is interesting to note, though that autogynephilia has even less of a scientific basis than pedohebephilia, another of Blanchard's many paraphilias.

Thanks to ACH for the tip!

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