May 7, 2013

Misfits: Gender Swap

There are not that many TV episodes and movies out there who depict the sexual aspect of the "what if" scenario of crossdreaming.  This is probably because crossdreamers are invisible in the public debate, or they are classified as weird crossdressers on the one hand and weird/suffering transsexuals on the other.

The two sides of Cutis in Misfits
We are again saved by British television.

Misfits is  series based on the same concept as American TV series like Heros, Alphas and Mutant X, but it is much darker, funnier and explicit in comparison.

The superheroes of Misfits are juvenile delinquents doing community service.

SPOILER ALERT! If you have not seen the series, you definitely ought to. Note that the following paragraphs include spoilers!

In the episode called Gender Swap, Curtis, who has been banned from organized sports, used his newfound ability to change into a woman to get on the women's track team.

As most often is the case in Misfits, this episode (and the one to follow) breaks a lot of taboos regarding sex and gender, while at the same time delivering a strong message on misogyny and the treatment of women.

I have edited some selected clips from the episodes here for reference:

(If the video is blocked, you can download it here.)

I have no way of proving this, of course, but I doubt that the script writers are crossdreamers. At least they do not have to be to develop a plot like this one.

Howard Overman and his team has probably argued something like this:

- Hey, what kind of unlikely scenario are we going to develop for Colin now? He has lost his power to turn back time. What other amazing ability can we give him?

- We can't. So let us do the exact opposite. Let us give him the super power that is left when every one else have chosen their favorite?

- And that is?

- The ability to change sex!

- OK, I can work with that. It will give us a chance to challenge some gender stereotypes and some misogyny, I guess. Ah, yeah, I can see it now. He's having the period, right, and is drugged with Rohypnol.

- You are getting far too serious. What is the first thing a bloke would do if he turned into a girl?

- We cannot!

- We can do anything we want!

- Ah, you naughty you!

And so on and so forth.

What makes this scenario interesting for me, is that the fantasy of masturbating as a girl or having lesbian sex as a girl flows naturally from the admittedly absurd idea of a man changing sex at will. You do not have to be a crossdreamer to be fascinated by this.

This may also explain why true transgender of all shades -- transsexual and non-transsexual -- end up crossdreaming. Gender confusion of any intensity will make use of this script, simply because it is impossible not to imagine it, unless you are completely asexual or suffer from a sexual suppression of an epic scale.

In other words: gender variance + sexual desire = crossdreaming.

Misfits can be seen on Netflix in the US and some other countries.

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