May 23, 2013

"Autoandrophilia" did not make it into the DSM-5

The absurdities of  the DSM continues (stockbyte).
I have had a hard time getting a hold of the relevant texts from the new edition of the American psychiatric manual, the DSM.

So much for democratic transparency.

From what I hear, though, it seems "autoandrophilia" did not make it into the DSM.

Someone within the DSM machinery might have concluded that enough is enough. There is no research underpinning this "disorder", so let's leave it out. That would be the optimistic version of what has happened.

I fear, however, that they all believe that female to male crossdreamers do not exist. Because if they knew the female to male variant existed, it would be close to impossible for them to leave "autogynephilia" and male bodied crossdressers and crossdreamers in the manual.

According to my source the "autogynephilia" term remains under the Transvestic Disorder category.

This means that male bodied crossdreamers who feel distress from their gender variance are considered mentally ill, while female to male crossdreamers and crossdressers are not.

For the female to male crossdreamers and girlfags this is good news, as they avoid the stigma attached to a disorder diagnosis. On the other hand, this also means that they remain unrecognized by those who are supposed to help them.

Because even if crossdreaming is not a mentall illness in itself (and it isn't),  many crossdreamers suffer from the effects of a oppressive and bigoted society, which can cause much distress and depression.

They need to be seen. They need to be understood. They need help.

What the American Psychiatric Association should have done is to recognize that female to male crossdreamers exist, but they should have not included them in the DSM.

This is the principle that underpinned the 1973 decision to leave homosexuality out of the manual: At that time the psychiatrists decided that it was not the sexual orientation as such that caused distress, but the way in which society treated homosexuals.

Somehow the APA masters have forgotten this principle. But then again, that should come as no surprise  They did, after all, appoint a man who still believes homosexuality is a disorder to lead the work on paraphilias (sexual perversions).

The calendar tells me it is 2013. That must be an error. It should say 1913.

For more information, see my post on Ray Blanchard and the missing girlfag 


  1. Jack,

    Why would you want "autogynephilia" to make it to the DSM? That way it sounds like it's a mental condition, not an aspect of a healthy sexuality / identity. Whom would this benefit?

  2. @Sam

    No, I will definitely not like to see autogynephilia in the DSM - or autondrophilia for that matter. In fact, I have been fighting for their removal for several years now.

    My point was that if it is the case that autoANDROphilia (i.e female to male crossdreamers) are excluded because the so-called 'experts' do not believe they exist, then the FTM girlfags will be in trouble.

    Autoandrophilia is not a mental disorder, and should not be included in the DSM.

    Still,t crossdreaming may lead to guilt, shame and confusion due to reactions from friends, family and foes, so psychiatrists and other therapist must develop an understanding of what this is. I fear many are so hung up in old prejudices that they are unable to accept the very existence of my female bodied brethren.

  3. I agree it should not be considered a disorder, however it should still be recognized as something that does exist. Oh yeah one more thing, don't appoint someone that still thinks homosexuality is a mental illness.

  4. I'm new to this site ..I recently started dating again at 59. I am a woman and lesbian..when I am sexual I completely believe I am a man.. my fantasies are me being in a male body and when I do have sex it is total visualization of me having a penis. only one partner has ever said something and she said it is like your spirit crosses over.. I never thought to google it till this new relationship started up 6 weeks ago..she is very feminine and it is bringing this to the forefront in a way that made me think more about it. I believe it should be in the DSM simply because I always wondered if others have these same feelings and sometimes it affects me and how I act in different sexual relationships.. I now want to be free to be and act sexually in sync with who I feel I am. I am more soft butch / adrogynous but male when I am having sex.. I think it would help to have therapists be aware that this exists so they can help folks understand and accept it. I am quite happy with myself as I am and have no issues with it but it is helpful to know that I am not alone with this.

    1. You are the first person who has ever described me to a "T". It is comforting to know there is someone else that feels exactly the same way as I do. I turned 60 in June of 2013 and I also noticed that very feminine women brought this out more in me....and furthermore, it made me more me than I had ever been. Thank you for putting it all into words & summarizing it.

  5. @happy as i am

    Thank you for sharing this. By doing so you are helping a lot of us, also those that are "heterosexual" relative to their birth sex.

    As I pointed out in the blog post, women who dream about having sex as men do not exist according to Blanchard's theory and the DSM-5 paraphilia chapter. Only "non-homosexual" male bodied persons can get aroused by imagining themselves as their target sex.

    So if the female to male androphilic crossdreamers do not exist, your are unfathomable.

    In one way that is a good thing, as you do not have to struggle with the stigmatization of being called mentally ill. On the other hand, this makes you invisible.

    I do not find it hard to relate to your feelings, though. They echo the dreams of most crossdreamers.

    I am wondering: Do you think you dreaming about having sex with a penis is unusual among lesbians?

    It is not as if the use of strap-ons is unheard of, and I guess using a strap-on can also be empowering.

    I have read lesbian erotica where the idea of "packing" seems to be a huge turn on for some.

    Moreover, the line between butches and trans men is also unclear to me. The trans men definitely dream of having sex as a man with a penis, and I guess that being a man would also be an essential part of their sexual fantasies.

    "It is like your spirit crosses over." What a wonderful thing to say. That is exactly what this is about!


    PS: Could you possibly contact me at ? I have some additional questions regarding a blog post I am writing on.


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